Meghan Markle’s half-siblings hit back at Netflix series as ‘horrible’ and ‘hurtful’ towards family

Meghan Markle’s half-siblings reacted to the first three episodes in the Duke and Duchess of Netflix’s series as ‘horribles’ and ‘hurtfulful’ towards their families.

Speaking on Talk TV, Thomas Markle Jr. called the documentary ‘a little bit disturbing’ that made ‘ridiculous’ claims.

Episode 3 of the couple’s Netflix docuseries, released today, features the Duke and Duchess reflecting on the events leading to their royal wedding.  

Prince Harry made a remark about Meghan’s father that both Mr Markle Jr. (and his sister Samantha) were offended at.

The Duke of Sussex said that he blamed himself for Meghan’s rift with her father Thomas Markle because ‘if Meg wasn’t with me then her Dad would still be her Dad’. 

He added: ‘She She had a father before this, but now she doesn’t. And I took that.

Reacting to the comment that, Mr Markle Jr. said: ‘I think it’s horrible. It’s a little disturbing that the documentary is so far from reality on so many levels.

“Saying that she doesn’t have a father and a family, and Harry claiming that she doesn’t have a father now, that’s just absurd.

 The Duke of Sussex claimed that Meghan’s split with Thomas Markle was his fault. “If Meg wasn’t with me, then her Dad wouldn’t still be her dad.”

Speaking On Talk Tv, Thomas Markle Jr. Called The Documentary 'A Little Bit Disturbing' That Made 'Ridiculous' Claims

Thomas Markle Jr. spoke on Talk TV and described the documentary as “a little disturbing” that made ‘ridiculous claims

1670553286 473 Meghan Markles Half Siblings Hit Back At Netflix Series As Horrible

Ms. Markle stated that she didn’t want her Father watching the Netflix series.

As Part Of Their $100Million Deal With Netflix, The Privacy-Conscious Couple Have Handed Over A Trove Of Pictures And Video From Their Relationship. Meghan Opened Up About Her Relationship With Her Niece

The couple gave Netflix a cache of video and photos from their relationship as part their $100million contract. Meghan shared details about her relationship with her niece.

From Left: Meghan Markle (Aged 11) With Tyler Dooley, Thomas Markle Sr, Thomas Dooley And Samantha Markle

From left: Meghan Markle, aged 11, with Tyler Dooley (Sr. Thomas Markle Sr. Thomas Dooley) and Samantha Markle

Ms Markle stated that she didn’t want her Father watching the series.

‘He’s been through so much — two heart attacks and a stroke — and she enabled this, watched it, did nothing about it, and for Harry to say something like that is egregious,’ she told GB News. 

Both siblings accused Meghan of lying in the documentary, with Mr Markle Jr. adding that the Netflix show prompted him to work on his own documentary.

He Talk TV:She The entire family was basically ignored and ignored. She then lied about not having one and then claimed she doesn’t want one.

“We’ve always been there.” The documentary is far from finished. This is what prompted me to work alongside my own production team, and coming out in 2023 our side to a documentary that’s going be shed a lot more light than it needs,’ he stated.

He added: ‘The amount of unprecedented files, photos and videos and documentation that we’re going to be including in our documentary — it’s going to tell a whole different story.

“I think the public in America and the UK know that the Markles aren’t bad people. We’re just like any other family.

Prince Harry Said He Blamed Himself For Meghan'S Rift With Her Father Thomas Markle Because 'If Meg Wasn'T With Me Then Her Dad Would Still Be Her Dad'

Prince Harry said he blamed himself for Meghan’s rift with her father Thomas Markle because ‘if Meg wasn’t with me then her dad would still be her dad’

Samantha Markle Questioned The Couple'S Response To Mr Markle Sr.'S Heart Attack Before Their Wedding. Pictured, Meghan And Her Father

Samantha Markle asked the couple about their response to Mr Markle Sr.’s heart attack just before their wedding. Pictured Meghan with her father

‘We do exist, and when one person tells lies, this is what happens — you end up looking ridiculous.’

Ms. Markle stated, “vicious cycles of wanting the record straight”

Ms Markle also addressed claims that Ashleigh Hale was Ashleigh’s estranged daughter and why she was not invited to Prince Harry’s wedding to Duchess of Sussex in 2018. 

Ms Markle said that Ashley was lied about and that her sister in fact told Ashley she couldn’t attend the wedding.

“So I felt like she was manipulating me, and that’s really disappointing because my daughter seemed to be holding a grudge against me and feeling like I was the reason why she couldn’t attend the wedding.

Ashleihh claimed in the documentary that Meghan told Ashleihh she couldn’t go because of her difficult relationship with Samantha, and the ‘guidance from the Palace’.

She said, “I think I said that I was hurt on some degree, but I understood where it was coming form.”

Ashleigh Claimed In The Documentary She Was Told By Meghan She Could Not Attend Because Of Her Strained Relationship With Samantha And 'Guidance' From The Palace

Ashleigh claimed that Meghan told Ashleigh she couldn’t go to the Palace because of her difficult relationship with Samantha.

Business Immigration Attorney, Who Is Thought To Have Been Her Inspiration In Suits, Claims That She Was Not Allowed To Attend Meghan'S Star-Studded Wedding In 2018

Ashleigh, a business attorney and immigration lawyer, is believed to have inspired Meghan for her role in Suits. She claims she was not allowed at Meghan’s 2018 wedding.

“To know that it was because my biological mom that this relationship, which is so important to us, was impacted in such a way. It’s like it was taken away by her. It’s been difficult.

Ms Markle dismissed rumours that her daughter would not be invited, claiming that it was Meghan’s decision. 

“Ashleigh was lied too and my sister in truth was the one who reportedly told Ashleigh that she couldn’t attend the wedding,” she stated.

“So I felt like she was manipulating me, and that’s really disappointing because my daughter seemed to be holding a grudge against me and feeling like I was the only reason she couldn’t attend the wedding.”

Talk TV’s Mr Markle Jr. also criticized the couple’s wedding. He said: ‘I mean, who doesn’t invite his family to a wedding? Especially a royal one? It’s not as if anyone in my family asked for one nickel or any other. We were all happy for her when it happened.

“But the twist of events showed the true colors of that woman.

“My general overview is that I cannot believe that she was in this position, all thanks to my father’s doing. To be in such a position and to understand what you’re getting yourself in to, and then to go in there and try to change a 1,000-year old traditional monarchy to suit your needs. 

“Who does that?” It’s still an open question. My Father and me, we talk about it quite often. I mean, how could anyone even consider doing this?

‘Everything every woman could ever dream of in their life, you had and you had to go and make waves and accusations and be difficult and overall taking Harry away from his family.’ 

Samantha Slammed Comparisons Made Between Meghan And Princess Diana

Samantha lashed out at the comparisons made between Meghan & Princess Diana

Ms Markle also slammed comparisons made between Meghan and Princess Diana.

Prince Harry claimed that he had to ‘quit’ his royal duties in order to protect Meghan. He also compared the Suits actress to his mother. 

The Duke of Sussex said that Meghan was ‘prey for social media’ and compared it to the online harassment she faced following Diana. 

Ms Markle dismissed the comparison, claiming that her sister was not like Princess Diana.

“Diana was never known to destroy other people, ignoring people by heart attacks, strokes or pandemics,” she said to Sunrise, Australia’s Channel Seven, on Friday. 

She We also questioned the couple’s reaction to Mr Markle Sr.’s heart attack just before their wedding.

“Why didn’t they get on a flight and go to my father in hospital?” They would not have been harassed by paparazzi. That’s a silly excuse. They weren’t there, and they didn’t want it.

Thomas Markle Jr. stated his Father’s condition has improved.

Talk TV’s John said that his dad is doing well. He’s making great progress and is in good spirits. He doesn’t always feel comfortable enough to make a live appearance, but he’s doing very well.

“His speech is definitely coming home, we are making a lot more progress with the speech therapy, and for the most parts it’s pretty normal, it goes away for a few seconds and then comes back.

“I’m just very glad that I could be there everyday for him since May.”

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