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Meghan Markle’s friend’s wave of lockdowns criticized as ‘strategic ploy’, royal expert says

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Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has recently faced criticism for allegedly distancing herself from longtime friends after she no longer considered them useful. This claim comes from observations made by Charlotte Griffiths, a royal commentator and expert, who has noticed a pattern in Meghan’s interactions with her circle of acquaintances and friends.

According to Griffiths, there seems to be a recurring theme of Meghan maintaining relationships with people as long as they serve a purpose in her current life stage or public image strategy. However, once those people are no longer needed, reportedly They find themselves marginalized or completely isolated from their lives.

This behavior, as the commenter suggests, has led to several of Meghan’s former friends feeling abandoned and disillusioned after their seemingly close relationships with her dissipated without substantial explanation. Griffiths developed this pattern by discussing specific examples, although without naming the individuals directly.

She weighed in on things during one of her most recent interviews with the mail on sunday and even went so far as to describe the Duchess as “strategic” in her relationships. According to Griffiths, she “she (she has no friends) family, suit co-stars, her best friend Jessica Mulroney, whose children were pages at the royal wedding.”

“For someone who is really famous for stopping being friends with her friends or leaving them aside, it is surprising that she mentioned the word friendship in the propaganda of this documentary that has somehow been leaked,” the expert added. Overall, Griffiths admits, “I think she’s a little strategic with her friends and once she’s done with them, she puts them aside and completely forgets about them, deletes their number and, in some cases, blocks him.”

He noted that numerous people who were once part of Meghan’s inner circle during different phases of her life, from her early days as an actress to her time as a royal, have experienced a similar fate. These people, who once shared close ties with Meghan, are supposedly leaving her life almost as quickly as they entered.

The royal expert’s comments have sparked a wider discussion about the nature of celebrity friendships and the pressures that come with maintaining relationships in the public eye. He raises questions about the genuine nature of these connections and whether they are strategically managed for public perception or personal benefit.

This is not the first time Meghan has come under scrutiny for her relationships. Since she married into the British Royal Family, every aspect of her life has been magnified and scrutinized, often leading to public debate and controversy over her actions and decisions. The alleged pattern of discarding friends has added another layer to the public’s perception of her, complicating the narrative around her post-real life, where she aims to establish herself as an advocate for various causes alongside her husband, the Prince Harry

What’s more, these claims They have also highlighted the difficulties that arise when private relationships become intertwined with professional and public roles. As Meghan navigates her life after stepping away from her royal duties, the public continues to be fascinated by her actions, the authenticity of her relationships and her handling of her image both as a public figure and in her personal life.

While the veracity of these allegations remains a topic of debate, they undoubtedly contribute to Meghan Markle’s complex public persona. As she and Prince Harry continue to build their lives outside the traditional royal framework, scrutiny of her personal decisions remains relentless, reflecting continued public interest in her journey.

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