Meghan Markle’s Boyfriend Omid Scobie Claims He Had ‘Prejudice’ Of ‘Very Senior’ Royal

Omid Scobie said today that he had been the victim of ‘prejudice’ from a ‘very senior’ royal figure when questioned about the Sussex’s allegations of racism in the palace.

Meghan and Harry’s media ally said the unnamed person “thought it very odd that I spoke as well as I do” as a mixed race person and made a “very charged comment” demonstrating the “level of ignorance” to the palace.

The interview with Mr Scobie took place at the same time as Piers Morgan was sensationally acquitted by Ofcom for comments he made about Meghan Markle live on Good Morning Britain.

The broadcaster backed his right to free speech after saying he “didn’t believe a word” of what Meghan told Oprah Winfrey and contested her claims of royal racism, including that a senior Royal expressed concern about Archie’s skin color.

The author of Finding Freedom and media ally to Meghan and Harry said an unnamed person “thought it was really odd that I spoke as well as I do”

Mr Scobie, who has a Persian mother, was asked by This Morning presenters Rochelle Humes and Alison Hammond if he was surprised by the Sussex’s claims of racism.

He said: ‘We knew they had been dealing with race issues within the institution.

“I myself have experienced some prejudice from one or two royal assistants in the past, so you can kind of know what came in Meghan. And so it didn’t surprise me, but I think to mention a family member, that was the moment when even me, my jaw was on the floor – just like Oprah, it was the same reaction.

Asked to clarify if he had suffered racism, the author of Finding Freedom added, “I wouldn’t say racist, but I was just experiencing prejudice. I am of mixed race, there are not many royal correspondents of mixed race.

“I wouldn’t name that person. Someone very high in the palace, who thought it very odd that I spoke as well as I do, and that was about how they said it to me.

“And I’m used to ‘where are you from, where are you really from’ and all that sort of thing, but that was a very loaded comment – and I’m sure it wasn’t from a bad place, but it was just exhibited.” perhaps a degree of ignorance within certain circles of the institution.’

In its statement this morning, Ofcom called attempts to silence Morgan a “chilling restriction on free speech” after the Duchess of Sussex found herself among an avalanche of people complaining that his questioning of her account was “harmful” and ” offensive” to viewers.

He told MailOnline today: “This is a resounding victory for freedom of expression and a resounding defeat for Princess Pinocchios.”

In March, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex claimed a senior Royal had been concerned about Archie's skin color

In March, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex claimed a senior Royal had been concerned about Archie's skin color

In March, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex claimed a senior Royal had been concerned about Archie’s skin color

Meghan, 40, was one of 57,000 people who turned to Ofcom after an orchestrated social media campaign led by his “awake” critics, including several Labor MPs, who accused him of racism and sexism.

Within 48 hours of the March 7 Oprah interview, Mr Morgan was forced to quit GMB after refusing to apologize for his “honestly held opinions”, costing ITV approximately 790,000 viewers and millions more in ad revenue with the ratings gap between GMB and rival BBC Breakfast is still growing. The day Piers retired, GMB was in the lead.

And Ofcom today supported Mr Morgan’s right to “strongly challenge” the Duchess’ story of suicidal thoughts, claiming she has experienced racism at the hands of the royal family. Complaints that his views on the March 8 and 9 programs were inappropriate for children and incitement to hatred and racism were also thrown out.

ITV’s left-wing former Guardian CEO Dame Carolyn McCall is under pressure to explain why she tried to suppress the presenter’s free speech after the Duchess of Sussex directly denounced her and allegedly begged her to censor her critic for being both ‘women and mothers were”.

There was full justification for the star, 56, who called Meghan ‘Princess Pinocchio’, as Ofcom ruled: ‘Mr Morgan had the right to say he did not believe the charges made by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and to hold strong positions and who rigorously questioned their account. ‘.

And in a scathing indictment of its former bosses and the 57,000 people who complained, the watchdog noted: “Restricting such views would, in our view, be an unjustified and horrifying restriction on the freedom of expression of both the broadcaster and the public.”

Other claims Ofcom flatly rejected included that Mr Morgan was not “duly impartial”, that he had “misrepresented facts” and that he was “mocking the American accent”.

Commenting on today’s ruling, Morgan told MailOnline: “I am delighted that Ofcom has so strongly supported my right not to believe the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s seditious claims to Oprah Winfrey, many of which have since been proven false. This is a resounding victory for freedom of speech and a resounding defeat for Princess Pinocchios.

As OFCOM says, it would have been an ‘unjustified and horrifying restriction on freedom of expression to have suppressed my right to express strong and strongly argued views’. In light of this decision – will I get my job back?’

He added: ‘I was recently reliably informed that the night before I was forced out of my house, Meghan Markle wrote directly to my ITV boss Dame Carolyn McCall, demanding my head on a plate.

Apparently she emphasized writing to Dame Carolyn in person because they were both women and mothers – a sickening play of the gender and maternity map if there ever was one. What in the world is going on when a whiny actress with a forked tongue can dictate who hosts a morning news program on television?’