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Meghan Markle wrote about her ‘girl crush’ Liz Hurley who starred in a TV show about the Windsors

Meghan Markle admitted she had a ‘girl crush’ with Liz Hurley in 2015 when the British actress starred in TV drama The Royals, it has been revealed.

Despite the Duchess of Sussex claiming to have known very little about the royal family before meeting Prince Harry, she wrote in her resurfaced blog The Tig, which she kept for several years, that she admitted to being interested in the drama, which documents a fictional British royal family.

In the show, which aired on E! in the US, Liz Hurley plays Queen Helena, a queen consort who has married into the royal family but is reeling when the soap opera-esque show begins when her eldest son and heir to the throne, Prince Robert, is murdered.

Ahead of the show’s release, Meghan, now 41, wrote in a 2015 post on her now-defunct blog that has recently resurfaced, describing her admiration for the actress, and she even conducted a mini-interview with her prior to the royal drama.

Meghan’s interest in Liz, as well as her apparent excitement about the show’s fictional monarchy, comes as the Duchess claims it only dawned on her that the British Royal Family was a “big deal” after meeting Prince Harry.

In Meghan Markle’s now-defunct blog, The Tig, which recently resurfaced, the Duchess wrote in a 2015 post that she was a huge fan of Liz Hurley and “always loved everything about” the actress. She added that since Liz was set to star in E! drama The Royals playing Queen Helena (pictured), depicting a fictional British royal family, she had “an in” to talk to her

In the $100 million Duke and Duchess Netflix docuseries Meghan & Harry, the former Suits actress claimed she knew very little about the British monarchy before being introduced to her now-husband.

However, some argue that her interest in Liz Hurley’s royal series would have given the Duchess something of an education in how the British monarchy works, even if it was set in a fictional drama.

Meghan didn’t confirm in her blog post if she’s seen the drama, or if she plans to in the future, but she did write, “I’ve always loved everything about Liz Hurley,” suggesting she’s a huge fan is.

The Duchess of Sussex (pictured in October 2019) has insisted on several occasions that she knew very little about the royal family before meeting Prince Harry

The Duchess of Sussex (pictured in October 2019) has insisted on several occasions that she knew very little about the royal family before meeting Prince Harry

The Duchess revealed that she had “an affinity” for the British actress, as The Royals was on the cusp of E! debut, a network under the umbrella of NBC Universal, which also created Meghan’s show Suits.

Despite the royal drama being Meghan’s hook for a mini interview with Liz, she didn’t ask the actress any questions about the TV show or the royal family while emailing her.

Instead, Liz revealed to Meghan that her nickname is “minx,” she loves vodka, and she can’t live without her son Damian, “hugs and giggles.”

It’s unclear on Meghan’s blog whether she knew much more about the royal family after meeting the actress who played Queen Helena, but the Duchess has repeatedly insisted over the years that she barely knew anything about the royal family before she married into it.

Reflecting back on when she first met Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, in the Harry & Meghan documentary, she said, “Now I’m starting to realize this is a big deal. I mean, Americans will understand this. We have Medieval Times dinner and tournament. That’s how it was. Like, I bowed as if thinking… ‘Nice to meet you, Your Majesty.’

She added that Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank gave her comforting words when she admitted she had “no idea what (she) was doing.”

In another episode of the documentary, the Duchess revealed that she had to google the British national anthem (which was God Save the Queen at the time) so she could practice singing before appearing at public events as a senior royal.

Ahead of the documentary, in the Duke and Duchess’s explosive sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021, Meghan revealed that she didn’t grow up knowing much about the royal family and, in retrospect, feels like she was all there went into. naive’.

“I didn’t research what (joining the royal family) would mean,” she told the TV mogul, continuing, “I never looked up my husband online.”