Meghan Markle says Prince Harry advised her to include men in podcast

Meghan Markle admits Prince Harry suggested she include men on her Archetypes Podcast. 

The Duchess of Sussex,  41, welcomed three male guests on the show for the first time, talking to comedian Trevor Noah, presenter Andy Cohen and director Jude Apatow about ‘cultural shifts.’ 

The mother of two, who is based with Harry in Montecito, said that she considered all options before adding men to the show. 

In the same episode she spoke of her love for Real Housewives, and admitted that she stopped watching it once her life became too dramatic. 

She Andy Cohen was awkwardly humbled when he confessed to the truth. 

Meghan Markle admitted Prince Harry suggested that she include men in her Archetypes podcast

In the intro of the new episode, Meghan speaks in a voiceover. “Now, if the past eleven episodes have been listened to, you may have noticed you haven’t heard many male voices. 

“In fact, except for a quick pop-in from my husband in episode one, this show has only featured women’s voices,” she said. 

The Mother-Of-Two, Who Is Based In Montecito With Harry, Said She Thought Long And Hard Before Including Men In The Show, Which She Says Is A Place For Women. Pictured In 2020 At The Un

The mother-of-2, who lives in Montecito, with Harry, said that she considered all options before adding men to the show. She believes it is a place for women. Pictured at the UN in 2020 

“And that’s because we wanted women to have the space to express themselves authentically, complexly and dynamically. To be understood.

“But through this process it also occurred, truth be told, at my husband’s suggestion, that if you really want to change how we think about gender, the limiting labels that separate people, then we must have a wider conversation,” she continued. 

Meghan Markle admitted that she was a fan on Real Housewives, but gave up the desire to see ‘other people’s drama when her life became chaotic.

41-year-old Duchess of Sussex lives in Montecito and spoke about her love of the show with Andy Cohen, presenter on her podcast Archetypes.

She According to her, she used to love Real Housewives of Orange County as it felt like home.

Trevor Noah talked about his South African mother Patricia Noah’s shooting at the hands mechanic Abel Shingange. [he] Following the horrible incident, it was felt that there was “rage.”

He According to him, he and his mother were dependent on each other, and he became suddenly the man of house.

He I said that my mom used to tell me, “Remember, you can be the head your household as an adult without earning a cent more than your mother.”

Trevor Noah Now Insists He Did Not Claim 'The Entire Uk Is Racist' As He Sought To Clarify Remarks He Made On The Daily Show Following The Appointment Of Rishi Sunak As Prime Minister

Trevor Noah claims he never claimed that the whole UK is racist. This was in response to comments he made on The Daily Show after Rishi Sunak was appointed Prime Minister.

‘She Being a man does not have to do with how you use your power within the home. It’s about how you fulfil your role.

Last month Noah was involved in a row with the Prime Minister after he called the UK a racist country, falsely claiming there was outcry that ‘Indians are going to take over’ after Rishi Sunak became PM.

But in a video posted on Twitter from The Daily Show, Noah said: ‘Watching the story of Rishi Sunak becoming England’s first Prime Minister of colour, of Indian descent, of all these things and then seeing the backlash is one of the more telling things about how people view the role that they or their people have played in history.

‘And what I mean by that is this, you hear a lot of the people saying “Oh, they’re taking over, now the Indians are going to take over Great Britain and what’s next?”

‘And I always find myself going: “So what? What are you afraid of?”’ He It was suggested that fear stemmed from the former oppressed seeking revenge on their tormentors when they became powerful.

Tom Holland, the historian, author and podcaster, said: ‘As ever, the inability of American liberals to understand the world beyond the US in anything but American terms is a thing of wonder.

‘(The likelihood of the right-wing party in the US choosing a Hindu as its leader is, I would agree, effectively zero.)’ Mr Sunak’s grandparents were from Punjab state before the Indian subcontinent was divided into India and Pakistan in 1947 after British colonial rule ended.

Noah, 38, grew up in a mixed race family during apartheid, and is one of the US’s best-known satirists. His family moved from east Africa to the UK in 1960s.

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