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Meghan Markle says men need to be ‘more vocal’ in wake of Roe v Wade and describes Harry’s reaction

Meghan Markle says men should be ‘vocal’ in the wake of SCOTUS’ Roe v Wade decision and describes Prince Harry’s reaction to the news as ‘guttural’ in Vogue interview with Gloria Steinem

  • The Duchess of Sussex and Gloria Steinem spoke to writer Jessica Yellin about their response to Friday’s Supreme Court ruling
  • Steinem, 88, shared how she had an abortion in London and thanked the doctor for allowing her to live her life and fulfill her potential
  • Markle, 40, said it was time to ‘turn that fear into action’ and urged men and women to vote in November’s midterm elections

Meghan Markle has urged men to be “more vocal” with their anger over Roe v. Wade’s withdrawal, as she revealed Prince Harry’s response to the news on Friday was “sound sensitive”.

The Duchess of Sussex, 40, spoke to Fashion magazine in conversation with author Gloria Steinem, 88, and journalist Jessica Yellin.

She said her husband was a feminist, and he was furious at the Supreme Court’s decision.

Markle said all men should join women in the fight to protect abortion rights.

“Men need to vote now and beyond because these are decisions that affect relationships, families and communities in general,” she said.

“They may be targeting women, but the consequences affect us all.

“My husband and I have been talking about that a lot in the past few days. He’s also a feminist.’

At ease: The Duchess of Sussex, 39, seemed completely at ease during the conversation - although she couldn't help but gush about how excited she was to chat with Gloria, 86

The Duchess of Sussex and Gloria Steinem are seen in 2020 speaking in a California garden. This week, the pair spoke to Vogue about the withdrawal of Roe v. Wade

Steinem, who was contacted by Markle in 2020 when the Duchess realized she was hiding near their California home during the pandemic, said she could confirm Harry was deeply interested in women’s rights.

“He responded with guttural sounds like mine did last week,” Markle said.

“I know there is a sense of despair for so many women right now. But again, we need to work together and not wallow. We have to do the work.’

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