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Meghan Markle feels ‘humiliated’ because she couldn’t deal with her recent loss with Prince Harry

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 Meghan Markle feels ‘humiliated’ as she couldn’t cope with her recent loss alongside Prince Harry, royal expert claimed

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “would find it impossible to recover from the blow of losing their Netflix contract,” a royal expert said. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex signed a massive £100 million deal with the streaming giant in 2020, just months after announcing their decision to step down as senior royals. The couple moved to Montecito, California, but left fans disappointed with a lack of Netflix projects.

They appeared in the documentary series Harry & Meghan, which focused on their life behind the scenes as they started a new life in America, and in Harry’s documentary Heart of Invictus, which highlighted the story of the prince’s beloved Invictus Games.

However, speculation has arisen that its five-year deal with Netflix, which is up for renewal next year, could be terminated. Royal author and expert Tom Quinn said Mirror He believes Harry and Meghan would not be able to cope with such a loss.

“Harry and Meghan are on the verge of losing their multimillion-dollar contract with Netflix for the simple reason that Netflix expected much more from the couple,” he explained. “There is likely to be a repeat of the issue with the couple’s Spotify contract, which ended abruptly in 2023 after Harry and Meghan failed, according to a Spotify spokesperson, to meet ‘productivity benchmarks,’” Tom continued. .

“Meghan’s dream has always been to build a hugely successful business venture and she is still convinced – even after the Spotify debacle – that she has the drive and talent to make it a reality. Losing the Netflix contract would be a huge blow from which it would be almost impossible to recover,” she shared. “The last thing Meghan wants is the humiliation of trying to strike a deal with a much smaller company – the way things are going, even that might not be a possibility.”

He reclaimed that Harry and Meghan’s very public (and embarrassing) Spotify mistake, in which their contract was terminated early due to a lack of projects, has deeply affected the couple, and they are eager to avoid another flop.

Despite ongoing speculation, Meghan and Harry are reportedly in the process of creating new content for Netflix, with the former Suits star set to team up with the streaming giant for a new cooking and lifestyle show based on your new brand. Orchard of the American Riviera.

Meanwhile, Harry is producing a new documentary about one of his passions, the world of international polo. The looming threat of losing their contract with Netflix has certainly put pressure on the couple to pursue successful projects. The potential loss of this major deal would be a major setback for the Sussexes, who have relied on their media businesses to sustain their post-royal lives.

As they face these challenges, Harry and Meghan are determined to prove themselves and continue their work in the entertainment industry. With new projects underway, they hope to renew their contract and maintain their partnership with Netflix, ensuring their continued presence in the public eye.

The outcome of their efforts remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: the stakes are high for Harry and Meghan as they strive to recover from past mistakes and secure their future in the competitive world of streaming content.

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