Meghan Markle 2.0: costumes & # 039; Amanda Schull Wears Latex Underwear

Amanda Schull

Our Instagram title Babe of the Week is for Amanda Schull.

The actress, who has had an illustrious television career, currently plays Katrina Bennett in Suits.

As the fans of the American legal drama will know very well, the blonde joined the show in 2013, during its second season.

Amanda, 39, starred with then-actress Meghan Markle, 37, who played legal assistant Rachel Zane.

While Schull has always enjoyed a recurring role in the hit show, they made her a member of the main cast of season 8 this year, following the departure of her co-star.

With Meghan marrying Prince Harry, 33, and leaving the world of entertainment forever, there was room for a new protagonist to shine.

And Amanda has done just that, with her character on screen even moving to Rachel's office at the start of the current season.

In addition to starring Suits, the actress has had roles in dramas such as One Tree Hill and Pretty Little Liars.

Many fans can get to know Amanda better for her work on the 12-piece science fiction series Monkeys, which aired on Syfy for four years.


AMANDA SCHULL: The 39-year-old is undoubtedly a small screen sensation

"To be clear, I've been in love with Amanda since I was on the central stage"

Meghan Markle

The actress born in Hawaii played Dr. Cassie Railly in the cult classic, and it is clear that she has fond memories of her time on the show.

Taking into account her Instagram, Amanda, who is married to George Wilson, published a fascinating image of herself dressed in a dominatrix style outfit.

Swinging a body of latex tighter than the skin, long gloves and a beret, Schull set pulses on the sensual black and white shot.

Underscoring the scene for her 126k followers, she wrote: "Going back a year ago, Cassie borrowed some clothes and did some things."

Amanda SchullInstagram

BLONDE AMBITION: Actress plays Katrina Bennett in the American legal drama Suits

Amanda SchullInstagram

LEADING LADY: The star has been overtaken by a main cast member for season 8

Needless to say, fans of the series quickly showed their appreciation for the trip down the memory lane.

A spectator marveled: "You looked terribly hot on that", along with three symbols of fire.

Another said: "That was a rough scene!"

"So hot in that outfit," said one astonished admirer.

Getting candid in the comments section, an Instagram user said: "I have to admit, I've seen this scene a couple of times because of how sexy you look in black and white."

Amanda Schull, Meghan MarkleGetty

WOMEN COME TOGETHER: Amanda performed with Meghan Markle, who played Rachel Zane

Amanda Schull, Meghan MarkleInstagram

ADMIRATION: Meghan referred to Amanda as her "in love with girls forever"

And not only fans have been enthusiastic about Amanda, since her former co-star Meghan has also praised her.

In a post uploaded to his now defunct Instagram profile in October 2016, Markle shared a photo of Schull stroking his face while in the suite of Suits.

She described the most tender moment: "To be clear, I've been in love with Amanda since I was on the central stage, and she just touched my face, to die, the girl's crush forever."

In response, Amanda wrote: "Stop, Meghan, the girl in love with you is all mine."