Meghan and Harry’s doco may make us cringe, but we can’t look away

London-based reporter Latika Bourke and Herald culture reporter Thomas Mitchell blogged about the three 45-minute episodes live — and subscribers flocked to them.

Subscribers have also devoured Europe correspondent Rob Harris’s analysis, who addressed Harry’s claim that male members of the royal family too often succumb to “a temptation or an urge to marry someone who would fit the mold, as opposed to someone you may be destined to be with.” Ouch.

I also found some parts of the show difficult to watch. For example, I cringed when Meghan re-enacted her first encounter with the Queen, complete with a theatrical bow. Whining about how hard your life is from the comfort of a $15 million Montecito mansion isn’t exactly the best look.

Maybe it doesn’t really matter. As Rob said in his analysis, “The programme, with slick production values ​​and intimate mobile phone footage, filmed on the day they struggled with their decision to quit their roles in early 2020, is unlikely to change hearts and minds, but only harden. views. It is seen as a partisan and overly dramatic interpretation of real life events.

“For a couple who constantly say they crave privacy, it’s a strange way to protect it.”

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