Meghan and Harry are very excited & # 39; while they split from Cambridges on a royal basis


What is the split of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan about?

The duke and duchess of Cambridge and the duke and duchess of Sussex are from the & # 39; Fab Four & # 39; royal charity power team disappeared to divide their attention into two separate foundations.

– What is the last announcement?

Harry and Meghan are leaving their joint charity foundation with William and Kate to set up one of their own.

– What will it be called?

There is no name yet and there are no details about what Harry and Meghan will focus on.


But it's probably a & # 39; global outreach & # 39 ;, the couple has a passion for working in Africa and promoting female empowerment.

– What about William and Kate?

They reside at the original foundation that will be renamed the Royal Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Foundation.

– When was the Royal Foundation established?

William and Harry founded the body to carry out all their charity campaigns in 2009, Kate came after her wedding in 2011 and Meghan officially joined the team after she married in the Windsors in 2018.

Campaigns include Heads Together, the Endeavor Fund and projects with the Invictus Games.

– How did Meghan get involved?


When Harry and Meghan's engagement was revealed in 2017, Kensington Palace announced that the former actress is giving up her own charity interests to start the Foundation.

& # 39; The only role she will start is as the patron of the Royal Foundation. That's a decision she made, & said the then co-director of Harry Jason Knauf.

– What was the first event of the four members of the royal family together?

They were named the Fab Four after they took the stage together at the first, and so far only, Royal Foundation forum in London in February 2018, three months before Harry and Meghan & # 39; s wedding.

It was billed as an annual event.


Harry said it was good to have & # 39; four different personalities & # 39; but they had & # 39; the same passion to make a difference & # 39 ;.

He said: & # 39; working as a family has its challenges & # 39; but insisted that we stick together for the rest of our lives.

– What has changed since Harry and Meghan got married?

There have been reports of a breach in the past year, first between Kate and Meghan, and then between William and his younger brother, Harry.

There were allegations of a dispute between the duchesses, who & # 39; very different people & # 39; about reprimanding staff and tensions while adjusting Princess Charlotte's bridesmaid dresses.


This was followed by reports about a tense relationship and a fight between the dukes.

– Is this the case?

Sources deny that there was a feud, and said Thursday's announcement was largely about preparing both couples for their future roles, which clearly run on different paths.

They added that the & # 39; Sussexes have a little more freedom and flexibility & # 39 ;.

William is a future king and Kate is a future queen consort, while Harry is sixth in line.


– Have Harry and Meghan not yet been split from William and Kate?

In March it was announced that Harry and Meghan would separate themselves from William and Kate's office at Kensington Palace and have since set up their own household at Buckingham Palace.

But royal assistants said at the time that the four joint patrons of the Royal Foundation would remain.

– What are the other recent changes?

Harry and Meghan set up their own SussexRoyal Instagram account and moved to raise baby son Archie Mountbatten-Windsor in Windsor after previously living in Kensington Palace, home of William and Kate and their children.

– Why does the Royal Foundation announce a big deal?

The joint venture of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan was intended to harness the star power of the four high-profile royals, but it only took 16 months since their first appearance as a foursome.

The move is seen as the final step in the distribution of the public tasks of the couples.

– Will they still work together?

The Royal Foundation said that both couples will continue to collaborate on projects in the future, especially Heads Together.


– What about the two Foundations that are seen as rivals?

Sources said the Royal Foundation of William and Kate would help establish the new Sussex Foundation, and they expect the two organizations to have an incredibly close relationship in the future.

But in 2018, William called on charities to join forces instead of creating more individual organizations.

– What did the duke say?

In a keynote speech to the Charity Commission, William said: & instead of setting up more individual charities working in the same area, I wonder if we could do more to explore ways to join forces, to collaborate and innovate? & # 39;


The duke added: & # 39; Competition between an increasing number of charities and the confusion that it can cause among donors can lead to swallowing expertise and in the worst case to territorial behavior. & # 39;


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