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Medvedev counters Zverev: “Living in his own world”


The verbal duel between tennis intimate enemies Alexander Zverev and Daniil Medvedev continues. A day after the German Olympic champion complained about his behavior on the pitch after his defeat against the Russians at the ATP tournament in Monte Carlo, he hit back.

“Sascha lives in his own world and if he loses, you will find 25 interviews in which he says strange things. If he says that someone is playing unfairly, he should take a look at himself in the mirror,” Medvedev etched at the press conference after his quarterfinal defeat against Holger Rune.

After his knockout round against Medvedev, Zverev described him as “one of the most unfair players in the world”. “I take fairness and sportsmanship very, very seriously. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any of that,” Zverev complained.

Medvedev had removed the net post in the match when the score was 5: 4 for Zverev in the second set when going to his bench and put it on the pitch, he was not warned for it. “He tries to do everything when he’s behind. I’m extremely disappointed about that as an athlete,” said Zverev, also in relation to this scene.

At 4: 3 in the third set for Zverev, the Russian took a toilet break, “where there are none anymore. There are a thousand situations where he has the feeling that I’ve started to play better and where he tries to do something every time to do,” said Zverev.

Medvedev said: “It doesn’t disappoint me in the least, but if he’s still talking like that in a week, I’ll come to him in the dressing room and say, ‘Let’s talk about what’s going on’,” said the Russian the press conference.

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