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Media: Sony still has another PlayStation showcase event this year.. | -WhatsNew2Day


The recent PlayStation showcase event may have left many confused and disappointed because none of the major PlayStation studio titles appeared during it. This may be for several reasons that are not yet known, but it seems that Sony is preparing for another event later this year.

This is what someone said editorial officials With the rank of Senior on the Kotaku site, who spoke through his own account on the Twitter platform, saying that he had obtained information from undisclosed sources that Sony as well as Nintendo still have two showcase events for each of them that will be held during this year 2023.

Although we will try to deal with this information with great caution and not rush, the matter may be somewhat convincing, especially since the recent event sparked great controversy among the angry PlayStation community, so that Jim Ryan Hurry up and comment and justify it. However, this, according to our tracking of the reaction, did not convince everyone who was looking to obtain more information about the upcoming projects that Sony was keeping secret.

However, is it convincing for Sony to remain secretive about the big projects that PlayStation Studios has been working on all this time? Especially since many of these projects have reached the stage of maturity and readiness for publication, or at least revealing their existence, and this was confirmed by some media professionals recently.

The presence of another PlayStation showcase event before the end of this year may be very expected, or Sony may hold the PSX event, which was usually held in December of each year before the pandemic, as it was disrupted and content with digital events such as State of Play and PlayStation showcase.

Sony recently registered the “PSX” trademark, which is an abbreviation for the PlayStation Experience event, at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), more details you can find here..

It remains to wait and see what Sony prepares for us during the coming period, especially after the release of Spider Man 2 later this year, as the library of first-party exclusives will become empty after that.

Do you expect Sony to hold a PlayStation or PSX event before the end of this year to reveal upcoming first-party exclusives for the PlayStation 5 platform?

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