After an embarrassing battle against dandruff Meagan Pate launches Straand

Meagan Pate, pictured, co-founded Straand after becoming frustrated with a lack of anti-dandruff options

Meagan Pate spent her teenage years trying every dandruff home remedy she could find, often canceling plans because of her flaky scalp.

And though she grew up out of feelings of shame about the condition, she has never forgotten it and has spent years searching for the right treatment.

When she realized that it did not exist, she decided to do it herself. Two years later she was born Straand.

Speaking to FEMAIL, the 32-year-old Melbourne-based co-founder explained that her products target the scalp and focus on creating a “balanced environment.”

“We really leaned into the idea of ​​the skin cycle when we developed our shampoo, treating it like skincare,” she said.

“When the microbial bacteria is out of balance, it manifests as dry or oily hair, so we also need to treat it like gut health, which is about that balance.”

She added that many hair treatments in the past have stripped hair and been harsh on skin, with some even working to strip dye color.

“When it comes to skin care, we know we need to build barriers instead of attacking it with harsh chemicals, and that’s how we’ve thought about hair,” she said.

Meagan Used To Avoid Social Situations When Her Scalp Was At Its Worst And She Doesn'T Want Other People To Suffer The Same.

Meagan used to avoid social situations when her scalp was at its worst and she doesn’t want other people to suffer the same.

Meagan Was Once Embarrassed By Her Flaky Scalp (Pictured) And Tried Every Home Remedy She Could Find To Solve The Problem, Before Developing A Science-Based Shampoo.

Straand Products Have Been Dubbed 'Miracle' Products By Customers.

Meagan was once embarrassed by her flaky scalp and tried every home remedy she could find to solve the problem, before developing a science-based shampoo.

Meagan said she felt like the only person in the world who struggled with her flaky scalp when she was young.

But ever since she launched her brand, her friends have come forward and confessed their own insecurities about their locks.

“There are women I talk to about everything, we talk for hours about skin care, but we keep quiet about the scalp,” she said.

And the huge market reaction indicates that people across Australia have been looking for a product to help balance their own problems.

“We launched with Adore beauty and within a few days they had ordered again, this time doubling it.

“We were shocked because we didn’t expect them to come back to us for a month.

“It far exceeded what we thought they would order, and based on sales, we’ll be getting another big order soon,” he said.

Straand'S Products Have Been Out For Three Months, And The Company Is Already Turning Over Six Figures.

Straand’s products have been out for three months, and the company is already turning over six figures.

Straand seems like an overnight success, but the team put in years of work before bringing the bright orange packaged products to market.

“It’s three months now, but sometimes it’s easy to forget because we’ve been working on it for a long time,” he said.

Meagan said the team decided to launch the shampoo first before quickly launching the conditioner and scalp treatment, as well as a range of accessories.

“It’s been very popular, for the first three months we’ve been over six figures in sales,” he said.

“We’re also preparing for the US launch because we’ve had a lot of interest there, so it’s very exciting.”

The most difficult part of the brand’s success has been obtaining the ingredients to be able to create the products that satisfy the demand.

Pictured With Her Family, Meagan Says The Success Has Been Much Quicker Than She Expected And Led To People In Her Own Circles Of Friendship Sharing Their Own Struggles With Scalp Care.

Pictured with her family, Meagan says the success has been much quicker than she expected and led to people in her own circles of friendship sharing their own struggles with scalp care.

“We are very proud of the formulas, when we finished the conditioner the chemist was so proud that she said it was the best thing she ever did,” Meagan said.

Meagan says her team has taken a strictly science-based approach to her formulas and will continue to do so as she expands her range.

Straand’s scalp serum has been called a “wonder treatment” online with some reviews claiming that it’s the only thing that has helped with their conditions.

Meagan’s family is delighted with her success, especially her grandmother.

“She said ‘of all the wonderful things about you to think that all the attention is on your flaky scalp,'” he laughed.

Meagan’s co-founders include Sarah Hamilton, co-founder of skincare company Sand & Sky, Jeremy Hunt, who is a financial and e-commerce heavyweight, Tim Brown, who has run high-profile businesses, and Nick Morris, who has 25 years on the staff. care industry.

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