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McDonald’s lays off HUNDREDS of workers and cuts pay packages


Big McSteak? McDonald’s lays off HUNDREDS of workers and cuts pay packages after closing US offices and ordering to work from home

McDonald’s has laid off hundreds of employees and cut pay packages for others after shuttering agents in the US.

The fast-food firm was cutting roles in all departments, including marketing, operations, store staff and field offices, the This was reported by the Wall Street Journal.

It comes as part of a massive restructuring at the burger giant, which is reportedly part of an effort to reinvent the drive-in around the world.

McDonald’s even temporarily closed offices in the US on Monday when it started telling some of the company’s employees about the layoffs.

In December 2022, McDonald’s opened a test site of its new concept drive-thru store in Fort Worth, Texas

Bosses reportedly offered some employees the chance to continue working for the fast-food company, but with reduced salaries and changes to their benefits.

The changes are expected to affect at least 10 US offices for those working in operations, finance and marketing, leaked emails revealed.

McDonald’s USA President Joe Erlinger said, “While the McDonald’s brand is in its strongest position in recent years, we also recognize that our business has become increasingly complex in recent years.”

Meanwhile, an internal email last week said staff would have to work from Monday to Wednesday so staff changes could be made virtually.

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