McDonald’s denies Mia Miller’s claim Adelaide Hindley Street outburst was provoked

McDonald’s has engaged in a war of words with a teenager after she claimed she was provoked in a video where she screamed, spat and threw drinks at the fast food giant’s staff.

Mia Miller’s furious outburst was filmed in late October at Hindley St McDonald’s, in Adelaide’s CBD.

Ms Miller, 18, has since claimed she was refused a free cup of water and when she tried to get one, she was “pushed out of the kitchen from the socket and beaten”.

Mia Miller (above) has apologized for her ‘disgusting’ behavior after a clip of a McDonald’s rant went viral

A McDonald’s spokesperson denied to Daily Mail Australia that the staff were using emergency procedures and denied they had acted inappropriately.

“The health and safety of our people and customers is our top priority,” the spokesperson said.

“Anti-social behavior is not tolerated in our restaurants and we expect our people to be treated with respect at all times.

“We will always do our best for our customers, but we will not tolerate abuse, intimidation, threats or violence against our employees.

‘We will continue to support all employees involved.’

Ms Miller was filmed launching a frenzied attack on staff working behind the counter at an Adelaide McDonald’s (above)

Ms. Miller has been charged in the incident under new regulations in the state aimed at protecting store employees.

She would have hit a staff member on the head, spit on employees and, among other things, threw a drink over the counter.

Ms Miller broke her silence about the incident on Friday, revealing that she had gone to the store to drink water and was “really, really drunk.”

When the staff wouldn’t give her water, she claimed she took matters into her own hands and tried to get one from behind the counter herself.

“I really want everyone to know that I’m really, really sorry and that I feel really bad for my actions that night,” said Ms. Miller. 7News.

The viral video showed Ms. Miller reaching behind the counter to pick up food and other items to allegedly hurl at the fast food workers (above)

‘I am disgusted by my behavior, that is disgusting. Like, that’s not ladylike at all, it’s feral.’

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However, Ms. Miller thinks she should have just gotten a cup of free water.

“They could have just given me the cup of free water and none of this would have happened, but I should have just accepted it and walked away,” she said.

Ms Miller was charged with two counts of aggravated assault (store clerk), disorderly conduct and committing a prohibited act with human biological material.

She will appear in court on November 24.

Under South Australia’s tough new laws, those found guilty of assaulting shop staff face a maximum sentence of up to seven years.

“It’s just scary, I’m afraid I might get locked up… I don’t think I’m fit for prison, you know what I mean?” said Mrs. Miller.

Ms Miller accused a store manager of punching her in the face after she tried to get into the kitchen from the electrical outlet to get a cup of water

The video shows Ms. Miller reaching over the counter and grabbing a full drink, which she hurled at startled workers.

In gray sweatpants and a beige pullover, Mrs. Miller appeared to be yelling “You hit me in the face bro” to an employee on the phone.

The worker replied, “No, I didn’t.”

“Yeah, damn you did, there’s a video, you stupid bastard,” Mrs. Miller yelled back.

As the staff member walked to the side of the store, an angry Mrs. Miller jumped to the counter and reportedly spat at him.

McDonald’s said its staff used ’emergency procedures’ during the incident

Witnesses claim no security was in place at the time of the incident.

Shopworkers’ union secretary Josh Peak called for greater security at McDonald’s, despite it being directly opposite a new police station.

“We see time and again examples of employees being mistreated and insulted in this store,” said Mr Peak.

Bring the guards back so people don’t think they can get away with this kind of disgusting behavior.”


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