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Mavs’ Kyrie Irving begs fans to stop talking about his impending free agency and blast media


Dallas Mavericks point guard Kyrie Irving has posted a plea to his 19 million Instagram followers, asking fans to stop mentioning him and his impending free agency this summer.

Before ending his IG live, Irving told his fans, “Stop mentioning me on Twitter.” All fan bases. Stop mentioning me now please. It’s still the… conference finale… Can you please let me out.

“Please I’m just with my family at peace. You all have people at my table discussing my free agency plans. Stop it, you all think it’s funny, but please stop it.

‘Like, I really like having peace of mind when I’m in the crib. I see all the @s, I see all the mentions, ok. I said, I see everything… I understand, I understand. I’m as excited as you are. But you have to relax.

Irving went on to say that he felt the love from the fans and loved them so much in return, before asking them to “please” stop mentioning him for the next few months until he takes his stand. decision.


Kyrie Irving has called on fans to stop mentioning his free agency and tagging him

Irving free agency rumors swirled after he sat on the court during Lakers game

Irving free agency rumors swirled after he sat on the court during Lakers game

Talk of Irving’s free agency has raged over the past few days after Irving was seen sitting in Los Angeles watching the Lakers get swept away by the Denver Nuggets.

Irving also mentioned he was “in no rush” to make a decision while discussing his free agency.

“I’m a free agent this summer, but I’m in no rush to make a decision,” Irving said.

“The speculation around my name from all these individuals who are on television and have these personalities… When they talk about my name and they talk about potential teams that I’m going to, respectfully, I ask you to please stop caring about it. I’m in no rush to make a decision.

It should also be noted that Irving initially said he would stay with the Celtics and Nets long-term, before forcing his exit from Boston and Brooklyn, respectively.

Irving was acquired by the Mavericks at the trade deadline and the team can re-sign him to a maximum contract of $272 million over five years, while the biggest contract Irving can sign with another team would be a four-year contract worth nearly $202 million.

According to Bleacher Report, the Mavericks looked like Irving would stay in Dallas more than half the season after the trade.

“I heard they had a handshake before the trade [with the Nets]“, said a source Eric Pincus. “And Kyrie wouldn’t have said yes unless the maximum.”

If Irving were to leave Dallas for a meeting with LeBron James, it would require the two parties to work out a sign-and-trade deal for LA to put Irving under the salary cap.

During his livestream, Irving also took a moment to shoot the media for “mixing sports with politics” and spreading rumors about him.

“The speculation around my name from all these people who are on TV and have these personalities, all these people who have these platforms,” ​​Irving said.

“And I’m talking about TV personalities, sports people who try to mix sports with politics and lifestyle and bullshit like that.”

“When they speak on my behalf and talk about potential teams I’m going to, can you all please stop paying attention to that?”

He also called out the media, indirectly ESPN's Stephan A Smith, for having

He also called out the media, indirectly ESPN’s Stephan A Smith, for “mixing sports and politics”.

Although he didn’t mention the names of any specific members of the media, it’s easy to see that his comments were largely aimed at ESPN’s Stephen A Smith.

Smith recently admitted to having personal issues with Irving, although many fans who regularly watch ESPN and First Take have long noticed Smith’s clear and obvious dislike of Irving.

In recent years, the well-known analyst has regularly criticized Irving for his refusal to get vaccinated, forcing his way from both Boston and Brooklyn, and for the numerous conspiracy theories that have been repeated by the former Duke star. Smith even admitted to having a personal, albeit unspecified, issue with Irving.

Fans and other analysts such as ESPN’s Jay Williams attacked Smith for his criticism of Irving, but the longtime analyst offered no apology.

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