Maurizio Sarri seems to eat a cigarette in the Chelsea crash in Huddersfield

Maurizio Sarri

It is known that MAURIZIO SARRI likes a cigarette.


Maurizio Sarri seemed to have a cigarette in his mouth in Huddersfield

Sarri used to enjoy a puff on the touchline while driving the former club Napoli.

However, smoking cigarettes inside the stadiums in the United Kingdom is prohibited, which means that the Italian has been forced into an alternative.

And it seems he has adopted an unusual method to get his nicotine hit during the Premier League clash today in Huddersfield.

The images taken at the John Smith Stadium seem to show Sarri with a butt in his mouth.

Fans on Twitter enjoyed reacting to Sarri's images.

One wrote: "Maurizio Sarri chews a cigarette in the bank because you can not smoke on the English football field, since I am my favorite manager".


Maurizio Sarri receives his nicotine blow in Huddersfield