Maurizio Sarri discovered that he was fired as Naples coach on television

Maurizio Sarri Found Out He Was Sacked As Napoli Coach On TV

Chelsea's new coach, Maurizio Sarri, revealed Friday that he discovered he was fired as coach of his former club Napoli on television. Sarri had two years remaining on her contract after leading the club in her hometown to challenge the Juventus champion for the title last season. But after Sarri asked for more time to consider his future, former Chelsea and Real Madrid player Carlo Ancelotti was named the new coach of the Serie A runner-up. Sarri, 59, told Il Mattino: " We were having dinner … discussing whether we were staying or not.We turned on the television and saw Ancelotti enter Filmauro (the seat of Napoli's owner, Aurelio De Laurentiis).

"I had some doubts, that's fair, but there was a clause in the contract and it was not something I would have asked for." The moment was not respected.

"Now I hope that Ancelotti can achieve what I come so close to."

Napoli won his last Serie A title during the days of Diego Maradona in 1990.

Sarri, who replaced another Italian, Antonio Conte, at Chelsea, won his first four games in England.

"I did not win anything in Naples, Conte won here (Premier League 2016-2017) and it's hard to take his place," Sarri said.

"Here it's totally different: it's an absolute party, it's a pleasure to get to the stadiums and see the fans with different shirts drinking a beer together.

"I sign autographs for the fans of the opposing team, before and after the game.

"There are games with such intensity, physicality.The English game is a different football to the Italian, played in extraordinary stadiums.

"But at the beginning it's not so easy to understand things, I know less about the teams I face and the opponents."

It is the first time that Sarri, who started as a banker, has trained outside of Italy.

"Close (life in Italy) is full of problems, but when we are far away, there is a bit of nostalgia and something is always missing.

"More than all the food, although I'm getting used to meat and salmon here, but I can not find anyone to make coffee like Tommaso (Napoli coffee maker)."