Matt Wright, Outback Wrangler and helicopter crash victim: Warrant issued to crocodile TV star

An arrest warrant is issued for Outback Wrangler star Matt Wright nine months after the helicopter crash that killed his best friend while collecting alligator eggs.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for reality star Matt Wright, nine months after a helicopter crash tragically killed one of his co-stars.

The Outback Wrangler star will be charged by police following an extensive investigation in connection with the accident that killed his co-star Chris ‘Willow’ Wilson in the Northern Territory in February.

Wright, 43, will be charged with various crimes, including perverting the course of justice, destroying evidence, fabricating evidence, interfering with witnesses, trespassing and making false statements.

Wright, who has been living in Queensland, has been told to attend a Darwin police station on Wednesday.

“The man was contacted through his legal team and advised that he must report to Northern Territory Police in Darwin by 9am on Wednesday 30 November,” a police statement read.

Matt Wright (pictured with his wife) is expected to be charged by police nine months after a helicopter crash tragically claimed the life of one of his co-stars.

Wilson, 34, was collecting crocodile eggs in a remote area of ​​western Arnhem Land when the helicopter he was traveling in crashed on February 28.

Pilot Sebastian Robinson was seriously injured in the crash and is still recovering from his injuries.

It is understood that the police investigation has been looking at Wright’s actions before and after the fatal crash.

Police will allege that Wright tampered with evidence at the crash site.

The order comes after Wright recently opened up about the accident and how he still struggles to speak out about the death of his close partner.

“It’s still pretty cool,” he said.

‘Maybe in time, you know… I’ll explain it to you.’

The crocodile trainer claimed that his friends were “doing another job with another pilot.”

“Unfortunately, the machine stopped working and Willow died in the process. Therefore, she has exacted a horrible price this year.

A preliminary ATSB analysis of the site indicated that the accident occurred when the helicopter’s main rotor blade struck and sliced ​​through a tree trunk multiple times before the aircraft struck the ground.

Initial assessments indicated that the engine had stopped before the helicopter hit the ground.

An examination found no defects that could cause the engine to stall and there was no visible damage to the tail rotor blades and drive system.

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