Matt Lauer was ‘really upset’ by Katie Couric’s revelations in her memoir

Matt Lauer’s inner circle has grown five years after being fired by Today and’semi slammed’ in Katie Couric’s memoir. 

According to a source, the former NBC News star, 64, has ‘kind of withdrawn’ from many friendships over the past year, especially after Couric published her 2021 memoir Going There. People In an article published Monday.

‘He Katie Couric’s book really upset me. She She semi-slammed him after he shared their private texts messages. According to an insider, it made him lose trust.

Former friends: Matt Lauer has tightened his inner circle five years after he was fired from the Today show and ‘semi-slammed’ by his former Today co-host Katie Couric, pictured together, in her memoir

Sources said that Lauer’s “level of trust” has decreased in large part to Couric’s book and because he is unable to talk to people from his past.

According to an insider, Lauer was described as a “semi-empty nester” who ‘not works’ in transitional time with Jack, his 21-year-old son, Romy, and Thrijs, his 16-year old son.

From 1997 to 2006, Today’s flagship morning show on NBC was hosted by Lauer and Couric.

Lauer was fired in November 2017 from his job as a reporter at NBC’s Today after he was accused of misconduct in the workplace in relation to the Sochi Olympics 2014. 

Difficult: The Source Added That Lauer'S 'Level Of Trust' Has Diminished In Large Part Due To Couric'S Book, Pictured, And 'Because Talking To People From His Past Is Painful'

Difficult: According to the source, Lauer’s “level of trust” has declined in large part to Couric’s book (pictured) and because he is unable to talk to people from his past.

Sad: Lauer, Pictured, Was Described By The Insider As A 'Semi-Empty Nester, Not Working' In 'Transitional Time' With His Son Jack, 21, Daughter Romy, 19, Who Are Both In College, And His 16-Year-Old Son Thrijs

Sad: Lauer, pictured, was described by the insider as a ‘semi-empty nester, not working’ in ‘transitional time’ with his son Jack, 21, daughter Romy, 19, who are both in college, and his 16-year-old son Thrijs

Andrew Lack, chairman at NBC News, claimed that this was the ‘first complaint’ about his behavior over the past 20 years he has been with NBC News. But, they were able to point out other incidents.

After NBC fired him. The New York Times reported two additional women had complained about Lauer. According to one ex-employee, Lauer had sexually assaulted her in 2001 in his office.

Variety published an article on harassment that was published the day after he was fired. He He was depicted as a serial harasser for women.

Happier Times: Couric And Lauer, Pictured On Air, Were Co-Hosts Of Nbc'S Flagship Morning Program Today From 1997 To 2006

Happier times: Couric and Lauer, pictured on air, were co-hosts of NBC’s flagship morning program Today from 1997 to 2006

Lauer released a statement shortly after his dismissal, saying that he was deeply sorry. He Writen: “There are no words to express my sadness and regret for the pain that I have caused others through words and actions. 

“To all those I have hurt, I’m truly sorry. As I write this, I realize how much I have suffered at home and at NBC.

“Some of the things that are being said about me are false or mischaracterized, but these stories contain enough truth to make me embarrassed and ashamed. I am sorry that my shame has been shared by people who I treasure dearly.

It will take time and soul-searching to repair the damage, but I am committed to that effort. He said that it is now his full-time job. “The past two days have made me look deeply at my own shortcomings. It’s been quite humbling. It’s a blessing to be surrounded with people I love. They are my heroes. I am grateful for their patience, kindness, and grace.

Good Days: Lauer And Couric Were Cohosts On The Today Program For Years

It’s good days: Lauer & Couric cohosted the Today program for many years 

Brooke Nevils, Brooke’s producer, later claimed that Lauer anally raped him while they were covering Sochi’s 2014 Winter Olympics. Lauer claimed their sexual encounters were consensual.

Lauer released an open letter about Brooke Nevils claims that same year, writing: ‘I had an extramarital affair with Brooke Nevils in 2014. It started when she visited my hotel room in Sochi, Russia late at night. There were many sexual acts that we engaged in. We had oral sex and vaginal sex. Lauer said that all acts were mutually agreeable.

Brooke’s story is full of false details that are intended to give the impression that this was an abusive encounter. The truth is quite different. This encounter was not aggressive at all. Brooke didn’t object to anything.

Private: In Couric'S Memoir She Shared Portions Of The Text Messages She Sent To Him. She Wrote To Him: 'I Am Crushed. I Love You And Care About You Deeply. I Am Here. Please Let Me Know If You Want To Talk. There Will Be Better Days Ahead.' He Responded With A Blowing Kiss Emoji

Private: In Couric’s memoir she shared portions of the text messages she sent to him. She I wrote to him, “I am devastated.” I love and care deeply about you. I’m here. Let me know if there is anything you need. We will see better days in the coming days. He You responded with a blowing hug emoji

He continued: ‘She Certainly, he didn’t cry. She Was a willing and enthusiastic partner.

Lauer suggested later in the letter that Nevils was accusing him because she was upset by their split.

“I must admit, the affair ended badly for me. I stopped communicating with her. Brooke continued to reach back,’ Lauer said.

‘She NBC reported that the woman who filed the complaint said she called her at night when she wasn’t home to call me, in an attempt to rekindle their affair.

After According to the allegations, Annette Roque, 64, split from her husband in 2019, almost two years after they had separated. NBC has fired Annette Roque five years ago.

After The Allegations, The 64-Year-Old Split With Wife Annette Roque, Pictured In 2017, In 2019 After Nearly Two Years Of Separation. Currently, Five Years After Being Sacked By Nbc

After According to the allegations, Annette Roque, 64, split from her wife Annette Roque in 2017. Annette Roque was pictured in 2017 after almost two years of separation. NBC fired Roque five years ago.

Couric shared with Couric portions of the text messages that she sent to him in her memoir.

She I wrote to him, “I am devastated.” I love and care deeply about you. I’m here. Let me know if there is anything you need. We will see better days ahead.

He Responded with a blowing smile emoji

Drifted: Last Year, Katie, Pictured With Matt, Spoke On Today To Explain How She Felt In The Aftermath Of Hearing About The Allegations. She Said That It Was A 'Really, Really Hard' Experience Which Took Her A Long Time To Process

Drifted: Last year, Katie, pictured with Matt, spoke on Today to explain how she felt in the aftermath of hearing about the allegations. She She said it was a “really, really difficult” experience and took her a long while to complete.

Katie spoke on Today last year to describe her feelings in the wake of the allegations. She It was an’really, really difficult’ experience that took her a while to get through. 

According to Matt, the 65-year old said that Matt was kind, generous, considerate, and a good colleague during their time together. She She explained that she obtained more information and did her research on the details behind the scenes.

She She stated that she discovered that the reporting was both’really destructive’ and ‘disgusting’ after doing some of her own research and speaking to people.

Couric shared that she saw a side of Matt she did not see. She We tried to understand the reasons he behaved as he did, and how he was so reckless, callous, and abusive of other women.   

She He was left stunned by the allegations and called his behaviour grossly inappropriate. 

Last Year, She Also Revealed Her Friendship With Lauer, Pictured Together, 'Just Fizzled Out' In The Wake Of His Downfall From Multiple Sexual Assault Allegations, Adding That The Disgraced Anchor 'Probably Thought That I Had Abandoned Him'

Last year, she revealed that her friendship with Lauer, pictured together in the aftermath of his fall from multiple sexual assault allegations, “just fizzled out” and that Lauer ‘probably believed that I had abandoned [him].

She also said last year that her friendship with Lauer had ‘just fizzled’ after he was accused of multiple sexual assaults.

‘I think it’s sort of clear through the text messages that I shared, and some I didn’t because I thought they were too personal that he had written – I sort of paraphrased them – you could see when I didn’t call him that time because I heard about another situation involving a young woman I had brought to NBC.

‘And we were scheduled to have a phone call to discuss what was going on and I said, “I’m going to call you in a few days,” I think he probably knew I had read that article and probably thought that I had abandoned him’, she said. 

The journalist who worked for all three major networks clarified that Lauer was not that close to her outside of work.

People are often like “How did I not know?” People don’t get that the Today show is like a Broadway musical. 

“You can have great chemistry, have so many fun, and everything can click. You get to really know each other to the point where you can finish each others sentences. For us though, that was just two hours. While I enjoyed working alongside Matt, it was not a friendship. They lived very separate lives.

Parade Duty: Nbc Stars Couric And Lauer Are Shown Hosting The 2000 Macy'S Thanksgiving Day Parade

Parade duty: NBC stars Couric & Lauer hosted the 2000 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

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