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MasterClass lowers subscription price


MasterClass, the streaming platform for education, is dropping the price of its annual subscription from $15 a month to $10 a month as it adds new shows from talent like Amy Poehler.

The price change goes against the trend in streaming, where major streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu have introduced price hikes in recent years to boost revenue and keep up with rising content costs.

“By continuing to innovate our content portfolio approach and make the platform more accessible, we are not only unlocking the potential of our members, but enabling them to realize it,” David Rogier, the founder and CEO of MasterClass, said. in a statement Tuesday.

Upcoming programs on the service include an improv class led by Poehler that she said will “help anyone who wants to be open, curious and ready for an unprepared life.” The class, which will be released in the fall, will engage a live audience and demonstrate how to use the principles of improvisation in everyday life.

In June, MasterClass will also release a four-part series featuring Wall Street investors Ray Dalio, Meredith Whitney, Joel Greenblatt, and Seth Klarman, who will share their approach to investing during a bear market.

And this summer, the streamer will release the second season of its release GOAT (referring to “the greatest of all time”) original series featuring 30-minute sessions led by chef Nancy Silverton, who will show viewers how to perfect a grilled cheese, and TikTok star and chef Wallace Wong, who will teach about knife skills.

“MasterClass not only inspires and educates, it meets our members where they are in their lives and reflects the changes we’ve all encountered in recent years,” Len Amato, the former president of HBO Films who now serves as MasterClass’ chief content officer , said. “Our content offers life lessons, big and small, that make real impact and provide takeaways, introduce new possibilities in life and work, and fuel our desire to better ourselves while being entertained and educated.”

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