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Marvel director says full AI-generated movies are coming in 2 years – WhatsNew2Day


The filmmaker behind some of the greatest comic book movies of all time sees the future in artificial intelligence. (Images: Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons)

Hollywood director Joe Russo predicts that within just two years it will be possible for us to see fully AI-generated films. Russo said in an interview with the industry journal colliders.

Joe Russo is Anthony Russo’s brother. Together, the director duo have the financially hugely successful superhero films Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame and Captain America: Civil War staged.

Tailor-made entertainment or standard goods?

In Russo’s opinion there will be customizable movies in the near future. In other words, films tailored to the personal wishes of the audience.

In Russo’s picture of the future of home entertainment, you come home in the evening, exhausted from work, to request an AI-made film – and the main characters are played by yourself and Marilyn Monroe.

Russo envisions a romantic comedy that tells a love story for his mind game – and the AI ​​makes it appear as if the viewer’s on-screen double is flirting with the starlet Monroe.

When it comes to the computing power required, Russo is equally confident. Because he says modern TVs are on the verge of being equipped with enough processing power for such custom movies.

AI entertainment in gaming too?

According to Russo, these tailor-made entertainment formats will not be limited to film, but will also affect gaming.

Overall, the Hollywood director feels AI’s penetration of various entertainment industries is inevitable.

By the way: Alana Friedrichs tackles the topic of AI in Hollywood with less pipe dreams and more reference to reality than Joe Russo.

AI as a logical step in film production?

If not entire films, then Russo expects completely AI-generated scripts within the next two years.

Since AI is already being used in the field of visual effects, the expansion to the writing process does not come as a surprise.

In visual effects, AI is primarily used for: upscaling to enlarge low-resolution textures; face replacement; which exchanges actors’ faces with each other; or de-aging, wherein an older actor is digitally rejuvenated.

What do you think of the future picture of AI-driven entertainment drawn by a Hollywood player? Whereby: Aren’t large-scale productions from Los Angeles long since committee decisions based on the same pattern? Write us about it in the comments.

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