Martine McCutcheon cuddles her son Rafferty while sharing a reflective post after her brother died

Martine McCutcheon has shared another reflective post on social media following the passing of her brother LJ who passed away at the age of 31 without a medical explanation.

The heartbroken TV star, 46, took to Instagram last week to share the tragic news that her only sibling Laurence John, aka LJ – who had mild special needs – died two weeks ago.

The actress gave her 542,000 followers a life update on Sunday alongside a sweet photo of herself cuddling with her son Rafferty, seven, explaining that he “needs me no matter what.”

Support: Martine McCutcheon hugged her son Rafferty, seven, as she shared another reflective post on social media following the passing of her brother LJ who died aged 31 without a medical explanation

The long caption read: “This little monkey needs me no matter what… He’ll hold me.

“We’ve been busy this week and this weekend and it certainly seems to help when I see the world keep spinning and life ticking on… But I can’t help but look at people and wonder what their story of grief is? Life isn’t always easy and I think people are so brave… I’m amazed.

“I used to feel out of my body and on autopilot — I guess that’s my way of coping with my shock and sadness at the same time, along with my responsibilities — and then suddenly, with no apparent trigger, waves of emotion come over.” blast me… If I’m alone, or with Jack in a safe area, I’ll allow it.’

Tragic: The heartbroken TV star, 46, took to Instagram last week to share the tragic news that her only sibling Laurence John, aka LJ – who had mild special needs – died two weeks ago

Martine continued: ‘I know that grief is an expression of the immense love I felt for my brother and that I must feel it too in order to heal. I also find that talking about him and laughing about some of the good times helps me balance the sadness scales every now and then.

“Rafferty has half a year now, so it will be nice to relax a little bit from the daily routine and go with the flow a little bit. I have some work this week that seems to be helping me too, but I’m going to make sure I see the ocean (my healing place) and make some memories with my little one on his vacation.

She signed by saying, ‘Have a great week, thank you again for all your strength, love and words of encouragement – I can’t begin to explain how much it has helped us. Take care of each other.’

Stylish: Martine showed off her fall fashion in the snaps while donning a black leather jacket and beige hat

She said the website’s designer would be marrying his fiancée Jay Eaton, 49, in a month’s time and that Martine, who would become bridesmaid, had seen her brother just days before he died.

Martine shared a few photos of LJ earlier this week, writing: ‘My heart is broken forever, my little brother, my gentle giant, sadly passed away suddenly 2 weeks ago. He was 31 years old.

“There is no medical explanation as to why we lost him so quickly and as we continue to investigate, we must accept that nothing will bring our boy back to us.

LJ (Laurence John) was born when I was 15 years old and from the moment I first held him in my arms I felt so proud and fiercely protective of him. He was such a character!

“He made us all laugh and loved nothing more than making a plan, having a great playlist, bringing people together and generally giggling.”

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She went back to work on Thursday, admitting she “felt” his presence after he passed away “without a medical explanation.”

The former EastEnders actress confirmed the tragic news of Laurence John’s death on Tuesday, admitting her “heart is broken forever”.

The grieving star thanked her followers for their outpouring of love and said her beloved brother would like her to “keep going.”

And in a candid video, she spoke directly to the camera as she spoke candidly about her devastating loss.

Special bond: Martine shared this Instagram photo with her brother in 2013, writing about how much she loved him – she was just 15 when he was born

She said, “Hello everyone, I hope you’re okay, It’s my first time on Instagram since I shared my post about losing my brother a few weeks ago.”

“First, thank you so much for the outpouring of love, it means so much to my family.”

“Today was my first day going back to work, I didn’t know if I could do it or not – I was nervous, a bit of filming and a meeting and I’m so glad I did it.

She continued: “I know my brother would want me to continue and he was so proud of me and the fact that I loved inspiring people and making them feel good and giving them a little bit of magic where I could’.

“I felt him with me, and I did, the first day back. I did it.’

Soulmate: After EastEnders star Martine confirmed the tragic news of Laurence John’s death on Tuesday, his partner Jay Eaton shared her tribute with the caption, “forever my soulmate x.”

In addition to the emotional clip she wrote: ‘Thank you for your support. Little by little coming back on. I know LJ would like me to continue.”

“He was proud of me and understood why I do what I do. Grief is a strange old thing and there isn’t one way to navigate it, but it felt good to do some work. I was nervous, but I made it.’

It comes after Martine’s brother’s heartbroken fiancé posted a series of moving images of the two together.

Following the news of his passing, his partner Jay Eaton shared her online tribute with the caption, “Forever my soulmate x.”

Jay, 49, was due to marry Laurence John, aka LJ, in a month’s time with Martine as maid of honor.

‘My heart is broken forever’: Martine’s revealed the devastating news of LJ’s mysterious death in a lengthy post, writing: ‘LJ fell in love and was due to get married next month


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