Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth speaker brings balanced sound to bumpy ears

<pre><pre>Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth speaker brings balanced sound to bumpy ears

Marshall Headphones has announced the Kilburn II, an update of his best selling Kilburn speaker. Marshall claims that the Kilburn II is the "loudest speaker in its class with a clear mid-tone, deep bass and extended high".

Designed for music lovers on the move, the Kilburn II offers 20 hours of listening on a single charge, and has a fast charging option that allows users to fully charge the battery in just 2.5 hours.

Multi-directional sound with back-firing tweeters ensures a sound and balanced sound quality, even if you are in the middle of a festival site.

Life on the road

The Kilburn II is more durable than its predecessor, with robust corners, a grille in the style of a microphone and a IPX2 classification, which means that it is resistant to dripping water. The new speaker also comes with a guitar-inspired handle for easy transportation – a nod to Marshall's live music heritage.

The Bluetooth APTX enabled speaker has a 30ft wireless range and an option for multiple hosts – this means that two people can connect at the same time (no longer fighting for the AUX cable at parties).

Best known for his guitar amps, Marshall has experimented over the years with headphones and speakers that stand against more established audio companies. Recent products include the Marshall Major III Bluetooth headphones, the multi-room Marshall Acton, and the Marshall Stockwell.

The Marshall Kilburn II is on sale from August 30 and costs $ 299 (£ 269/406 AUD).