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Married At First Sight’s Hayley reveals what viewers DON’T see during the fight with Ivan

The dinner you didn’t see at Married At First Sight: Hayley Vernon says her argument with Ivan Sarakula behind the scenes was much more explosive

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She labeled her co-star Ivan Sarakula ‘f ** king c ** t’ during an explosive dinner in the Wednesday episode of Married At First Sight.

And it seems that Hayley Vernon’s furious reaction to the noisy broker was just the tip of the iceberg.

“[Viewers] haven’t seen all their fights on camera – not at all, “a production source said OK! magazine.

“Off the camera, things got hot!” Married At First Sight’s fiery bride, Hayley Vernon (left), has revealed what has NOT succeeded in escaping from an explosive fight with a dinner with Ivan Sarakula (right)

The insider claimed that things became “very hot” between the couple when the cameras stopped rolling and Hayley even walked away frustrated.

Hayley admitted that she “lost it” with Ivan in scenes that were not broadcast on television.

“I am not in disrespect,” she said, adding that Ivan had been judgmental and rude when he spoke to her.

Hayley said that Ivan was talking “madly” about her and she refused to be “addressed” by the groom for her other co-stars.

“I am not respected”: Hayley defended her outburst and claimed that Ivan was judgmental, rude, disrespectful and “talking” to her

I do not have it! Hayley admitted that she “lost it” with Ivan during the unsubscribed ordeal

Appears on Kyle and Jackie O-show from KIIS FM on Thursday to discuss the explosive moment, the couple who both admitted that there were worse insults that never made the episode.

Hayley admitted that she had already drunk a bottle of wine before Ivan approached her.

“It became a little more hectic than that, right? Probably a few too many abusive words to put that in the edit, “said Ivan.

“It was just going on a bit. It was just too strong. I completely withdrew. I said let’s start again. I had no bad intentions. I think I just got it wrong. “

Within five seconds of introducing himself to Hayley at dinner, Ivan disrupted the feathers by asking, “So you’ve had some f ** king dramas, have you?”

“You’re the f ** king talk of the city, honey. Great Hayley. Talking about the city, “he said with a grin while Hayley sat silently watching while others were laughing around the table.

“You are a small weasel,” she hit back.

“Am I too full for you?” Ivan joked, while Hayley replied: “You try not to have a discussion with me. You speak words to me, not to me. ”

“My overconfidence might have intimidated her somewhat”: Ivan later told the producers that he thought his approach to Hayley was “modest and honest”

The drama didn’t end there, and Hayley later collided with the wayward groom after he tried to talk to her about her relationship.

“You’re completely gone,” she snarled, leaving him stunned.

“My exaggerated self-confidence may have intimidated her somewhat,” Ivan later told the producers, adding that he thought his approach was “modest and fair.”

Married At First Sight returns to Channel Nine on Sunday at 7 p.m.

Will they last? Hayley is married to TV husband David Cannon in the show

Will they last? Hayley is married to TV husband David Cannon in the show

Will they last? Hayley is married to TV husband David Cannon in the show