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Married At First Sight: Fans call Michael Goonan a ‘troublemaker’ and they can’t get enough of him

“Someone gives him a Logie”: fans of Married At First Sight call Michael Goonan a “troublemaker” … and they can’t get enough of the pot stirrer

He caused quite a stir in the Wednesday episode of Married At First Sight.

The drama began when Michael Goonan, 28, decided to antagonate fellow participant Steve Burley to a dinner party just to get a response to him.

The director of the company felt an opportunity and placed himself in a gap between Steve, 51, and his “wife” Mishel Karen about cleaning. From there it went downhill.

“Someone gives him a Logie”: on Wednesday, fans of Married At First Sight called Michael Goonan (photo) a “troublemaker”

Towards the end of the episode, Michael also managed to get in between Mikey Pembroke and his “wife” Natasha Spencer. Understandably, Michael was quite the sensation on social media.

“Someone gives Michael a Logie, because he really makes entertainment in this damn show,” one user wrote.

While another said: “Michael may not know how to cook, but he can certainly blow a storm.”

Love him: “I don’t love Michael. I love Michael, “said a MAFS viewer

A third came: “I don’t like Michael. I love Michael, “along with an emoji from a spoon, before another viewer called him a” troublemaker.

At Wednesday’s MAFS, Natasha made a crucial mistake when she decided to share intimate details about her ’10 second’ sex life with her ‘husband’ Mikey.

The information turned out to be too hot for Michael to keep an eye on things. He immediately ran to producers and promised to raise the issue at dinner to create drama.

“It was a joke with you and I would never respect my partner!” Natasha then returned to the dining table to confront Michael with the situation in an explosive confrontation

Fighting words: “Don’t be ashamed of sex for anything!” Michael shouted back to Natasha

“Mikey will explode if someone does the right thing and tells him what she said – I’ll do it!” Michael told a producer.

As soon as he got the chance, Michael pulled Mike aside to tell him an exaggerated version of his conversation with Natasha.

In a piece in front of the camera, Michael said: ‘I’m tired of having to sit there and people look at a layer of sugar [their relationship]. ”

Married At First Sight will continue on Channel Nine on Sunday at 7 p.m.

Drama: it’s after Michael hit the other couples in the experiment because they weren’t so “open or honest” about the state of their own relationships (pictured with his “wife” Stacey Hampton)