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Marriage isn’t easy, but it shouldn’t be this hard

Now, I’m not suggesting that long-term couples should never argue, or that there aren’t ups and downs in a marriage. However, I suggest that no one should hate their partner for 10 years, or live with someone else when they’d rather be alone. Why would they? We don’t live in the 19th century. We no longer have to marry for property or status or to raise children. What is the use of marriage in our modern world but to bring us comfort and joy?


We should not normalize how challenging and difficult marriage can be. We are conditioning a generation of women to accept a life of simple misery, and quite frankly, they deserve better. Instead, we should normalize how satisfying marriage is should are. We should normalize the right to be happy in our relationships, and the right to walk away if one or both partners feel miserable or unfulfilled.

Now it’s not for me to decide if a particular married woman would be better off single. However, I think if you can’t stand your man for ten years, you should probably consider leaving. If you relentlessly fantasize about living alone, you probably should. And if you’re willing to tell the whole world that your partner is no longer hot, then maybe, just maybe, he should walk away from you.

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