Marnie Simpson strips her booty in a devilishly high swimsuit


Since Marnie left Geordie Shore, the baby has been building her empire and focusing her talents on her cosmetic ranges, ispyeyes and bothways.

During the time of inactivity of the successful reality show, Marnie has kept the fans informed about each of her movements, and along with her range of beauty, there have been many sexy selfies.

His last release he liked 41k I like in just three hours, since the former Geordie star changed his purple blocks by blonde and shook a two-piece for his belfie.

The girl posed in front of a door, leaving her 3.1 million followers to see her booty in all its splendor at the bottom of the thong.

Floods of fans flew to comment on Marnie's latest booty photo, with a writing: "Wow, she's been exercising, the result is great."

While another squeaked: "I can not face, how beautiful is that picture!"

Others added that Marnie has opted for the "right amount" of improvement, with a single writing: "Chloe [Ferry] I should have aimed for this. Marnie did it well. "

While the fans were busy talking about Marnie's selfie, her best friend was fighting with "thugs" in her booty photos.


FLASH FLASH: Marnie has been surprising her fans with her latest snapshots

Geordie's girls often do not shy away from posting almost nude snapshots, with Chloe, Holly and Sophie often joining in with a very revealing selfie.

Although none of the girls publishes as much as Marnie, she shows her assets weekly with bikini selfies, booty photos and booty photos.

Before her peach click, Marnie had posed 100% naked, only covering herself with a blanket and narrowly avoiding a slip by placing her arm on her chest.


DARE TO BARE: The baby has not been afraid to show everything in her latest photos


RUMORS OF SILENCE: Marnie quashed rumors that she had separated from Casey

While she has thousands of fans who talk about her pictures every day, no one seems to love them as much as her boyfriend Casey Johnson.

Despite the rumors that emerged last month that the couple had split up, they have been sharing snapshots loved since Marnie returned from vacation, silencing them once and for all.

The couple started dating last year, after appearing together in MTV's Single AF, and shortly after, Marnie took a break from Geordie Shore to concentrate on her own work.