Marnie Simpson reveals how she dropped a dress size

Marnie Simpson before and after losing weight


WEIGHT GAIN: Marnie did not realize how much weight she had gained

Marnie, 26, who was diagnosed with body dysmorphia, has been subjected to a long list of surgical treatments in the past, including liposuction, lip fillers, a teat job and, more recently, has been "fixed" nose.

But this time he released the pounds with a more natural approach, with the help of Skinny Coffee Club, a coffee rich in antioxidants with fat-burning properties that you drink along with an exercise plan and healthy eating.

"Honestly, I did not even realize I had gained so much weight, I still do not think it was big, but I certainly was not healthy and had no energy, bad insomnia and my skin was so bad," says Marnie.


SEXY: Marnie has dropped to a size 8

We caught up with the reality TV star to know more …

Hello Marnie! Tell us about Skinny Coffee Club. Did you change your diet too?

I just tried to eat much better. Obviously I had the food to cheat but it definitely improved my diet because once I started to feel a lot less bloated, which is something I really fight for, and had more energy as a result of Skinny. Coffee Club, I wanted to eat better anyway.

So Skinny Coffee really gave me the motivation I needed too.

What were you eating before?

With such a busy work schedule, I often ate on the road, not at fixed hours. I was picking and eating a lot of cheese.

I drank a lot of gas pop, too!

What is the typical food of a day now?

Thanks to Skinny Coffee Club, I am really starting to order my food pattern.

I eat a normal breakfast, which can be fruit or porridge, but that never happens at fixed times. I do not want to be too restricted, so I also have food like toast and jam.

Marnie Simpson in CBBCHANNEL FIVE

BREAK: Marnie has had a long break from reality TV

You have lost 16 lb.: what is your dress size before and after?

It had a size of 10-12 and now I am a comfortable size 8.

Why did you want to lose weight?

I wanted to lose weight because I felt so bad, so slow, I had no energy and my dream was really bad.

I felt depressed, but now I feel much better.

I feel like a completely different person. I have more confidence and energy, and I am adapting to clothing a lot more.

I feel great.

"Geordie Shore put me in a downward spiral with which I had trouble getting out"

Marnie Simpson

Was losing weight changed your style at all?

I definitely feel that my style has changed because now I can use much more, and I feel much more comfortable.

What has been your biggest fashion disaster?

Probably when I went to the NTAs and when the flash went off you could see everything, that's probably the biggest pain of fashion that I have.

Will you still use Skinny Coffee Club?

I will always have Skinny Coffee Club, no matter where I go, because it really helps me, I do not think I'll ever finish using it, it really gives me the fuss I need.

Have you ever had problems keeping fit?

I have – when I was in Geordie Shore put us in a downward spiral that I had trouble getting out of, but I definitely feel like I'm on the right track now.

Marnie SimpsonWENN

CONFIDENT: Marnie feels more confident now that she has lost weight

Skinny Tea Coffee ClubSkinny Tea Coffee Club

Skinny Tea Coffee Club

Do you feel safer now?

Yes, much safer.

What's next for you? Are you going to go to more reality shows?

Probably return to reality reality, but I had a long break from it and has made me the world of good.

I'm definitely in talks about other shows, but it's just about finding the right one.

I do not want to throw myself into something that I am not 100%.

It took me a long time to recover my head space after all the reality show I did, so I think it is very important to be sure of what you do, 100%.

Skinny Coffee Club is available to buy at Holland & Barrett, Boots or Skinny