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Marketing & Promotion with Tarps


How can we best spread the word about our company? Despite the proliferation of digital marketing strategies, personalized signage is vital in promoting and branding physical establishments. 

Because of this, you need a banner to advertise your company or event. Take, for example, the case where you frequently go to events and engage in real estate development. Customers and onlookers alike will take notice of signage or a billboard that utilizes a relatively low cost waterproof canvas tarp as a foundation that can be painted upon which offers a very low cost for of billboard or signage when a skilled painter is used to paint over the surface.

The rationale for this approach is simple.  Customers are more inclined to remember your company if featured prominently on a banner, sign or billboard.  A Canvas Tarp can also be hung outside and about your building or construction site to increase exposure for your business and attract new customers. 

Your advertising efforts will be amplified thanks to this inexpensive signage. Having a brand sewn onto a tarp is a popular request from patrons. This post will review a few methods that can be used to do this. The various approaches are summed up below:

Digital Printing

Detailed logos call for “supersized” digital media printers to be used on paper designed specifically for printing. The final tarp may be made by welding the logo onto a standard tarp fabric. Designers contract with a nearby digital printer instead of printing in-house. But a few drawbacks exist to having a brand printed on your tarp. Consider the following: 

  • While the rest of the tarp may still look fine after a few years of exposure to the elements and general wear and tear, the logo may have already begun to look worn. 
  • Although designers use heavy-duty vinyl tarps, they cannot guarantee its durability because logos must be put on special “printable” vinyl. In addition, there may be some variation in vinyl color.
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  • Tarps with intricate logos require more time to coordinate with the print studio, so plan and give at least a month for delivery. 
  • In some cases, the cost of digital printing might be pretty high. 
  • Designers will need you to send them a high-resolution vector graphic that they can hand off to the printer. 
  • Because printers can’t produce white ink, white canvas tarps background must be used if your logo features any white text or shapes. 


Here are some of the advantages of digital printing: 

  • High-quality images with a wealth of attainable detail are the norm. 
  • Images with a lot of colors are acceptable. 
  • Printing in small quantities does not incur excessive costs. 

Screen Printing

In screen printing, also called silkscreen printing, ink is transferred onto a tarp using stencils called screens. Compared to digital printing, the ink used in screen printing is roughly ten times thicker, allowing for a more vibrant result. When more than two or three colors are needed, this method becomes impractical due to the need for a separate screen and ink application for each color. 


Some benefits of screen printing include the following: 

  • When ordering a large quantity of logos, this method may prove more cost-effective. 
  • For dark surfaces, offset printing is preferable to digital printing. 
  • There is potential for more vibrant hues than in digital photos. 
  • Silkscreen artwork typically outlasts digital prints.
  • Compatible with prefabricated tarps. 


Among the problems that can arise while using screen printing are: 

  • Low production runs are not viable due to the high initial investment required. 
  • The images can’t have too much detail. 
  • The process is lengthy. 

Simple Block-Letter Ink Printing

Block letters are printed on super heavy-duty tarps for many reasons, including deterring theft and advertising the company’s name (s). This could be the best option if you don’t want to incorporate a logo on your tarp but still want to advertise your business. 

Banner Overlays

Last, you might use a regular tarp with some classic banners. With this method, you would pay a sign printing firm to create a banner or logo. Banners and signs printed on vinyl can be purchased from low-cost printers in most major cities. Hanging the banners from a black mesh tarp of your Heavy Duty Tarp is one method.

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The production time is reduced because the tarp does not need to be created from specialized printed material. In addition, if a banner gets worn out or torn, you can change the flag and keep using the same tarp. When compared to other possible solutions, this one will be relatively affordable as well. Also, large images can be displayed effectively with this method.


To sum up, there are many possibilities for customizing your tarps with logos or inscriptions. Practically speaking, the quickest and cheapest approaches typically include:

  • Using Heavy Duty Tarps to customize your tarp with bold, oversized fonts. 
  • Using a cheap sign maker to make banners and logos to display on top of your tarp or to adhere to it with vinyl adhesive.
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