Marjorie Taylor Greene introduces a bill to reduce Faucie’s salary to $ 0


BREAKING NEWS: GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Bill To Cut Fauci’s Salary From $ 400,000 To $ 0 Until Replaced And Ban Vaccine Passports

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene said Thursday that she is introducing two bills related to the COVID-19 pandemic with the aim of stripping Dr. Anthony Fauci of his government salary and banning so-called vaccine passports.

In a press release Greene tweeted, the controversial Georgian Republican said her ‘Fire Fauci Act’ would reduce ‘Dr. Always Wrong’s’ pay to $ 0 and the ‘We Will Not Compy Act’ will ‘prevent discrimination against unvaccinated’.

Greene said her goal was to keep Fauci unpaid until the Senate can confirm a new director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases – except Fauci isn’t a politician, he’s a career official – and that would so not be the case. work.

Dr.  Anthony Fauci

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene

Dr. Anthony Fauci (left) is the target of legislation Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (right) said on Thursday that she has

High-level presidential political appointees need Senate confirmation.

But in Fauci’s case, he’s a career official who has held his job since the Reagan administration, advising presidents of both parties.

When former President Donald Trump suggested to a campaign firm in Miami in November that he could fire Fauci after the election, experts pointed to federal laws that would prevent him from taking the step directly.

“ There are civil service protections for federal career employees that prevent them from being removed or demoted for political reasons, ” Max Stier, president and CEO of Partnership for Public Service, told CNN in July, when tensions between Fauci and Trump were already evident.

Trump could have pressured Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar, a politician, to get rid of Fauci – but there is a process Fauci could pursue in order to stay in his job.

Greene was right to point out that Fauci is the highest paid government official according to her agency, currently earning $ 434,312.

2019 salary data said Fauci made $ 417,608.

The second piece of legislation Greene said she is pursuing would prevent companies engaged in interstate trade from discriminating against people based on their vaccination status.

It would also cut federal funding to enforce vaccine mandates.

It would allow individuals who have been discriminated against for their anti-vax status to sue.

Greene’s legislation would also make it possible to sue anti-masks.

It would also prevent the US government from needing a vaccine to get a passport.

And prevent airlines and colleges from denying a person entry due to vaccination status.

In early February, the freshman lawmaker was stripped of her committee duties by the House Democratic majority over controversial statements she made on social media and ideas she put forward.

Greene backed on Facebook for murdering House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She has also prescribed QAnon’s conspiracy theory – and has expressed doubts about the legitimacy of school shootings and the 9/11 terror attacks.

Since February, Greene has been busy filing motions to adjourn before voting on bills she disapproves.

This has sometimes delayed the process for several hours.

On Tuesday, she visited Mar-a-Lago to meet with former President Donald Trump, where they expressed mutual affection for each other.

While Trump ridiculed wearing masks, he was praised and given credit for the rapid development of the three COVID-19 vaccines.

However, he also got the vaccine quietly before leaving office – rather than taking the shot in public as part of the other ex-presidents’ broader campaign to thwart hesitation about vaccines.