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Marijuana and how you can buy it online?

What is Marijuana?


Marijuana is also called weed, herb, grass or pot. It is a mixture of dried grass leaves of Cannabis Sativa. It could be rolled into cigar wraps and be called Blunts or Joints or can also be smoked from water pipes.

It is popularly known as a psychoactive drug. The main agent that makes it psychoactive is the THC, abbreviation of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This chemical is found in the resin of the plant that is produced by the female cannabis plant. Other than this chemical, the cannabis plant also has few more compounds that contribute to the plant being psychoactive.

Please note that this article is solely based on promoting the marijuana solely for health or beneficial purposes and does not, under any condition promote or encourages the use of weed for recreational purposes.

Origin of Marijuana


Origin of marijuana dates back to around 500 BC, starting in Asia. In America, the hemp was made to be used in textiles and for other creative purposes. Then later on, its seed were used as a food and the fiber was used to make clothing, paper, rope etc.

In early 1800’s, an Irish doctor Sir William in India discovered the use of cannabis extract in lessening the stomach pain. It also had the ability to treat people with Cholera. So, by the late 1800’s, several pharmacies and doctors started prescribing it throughout the Europe.

Later on, it was discovered that the THC compound that is present in marijuana is the reason it is used as a medicine. This psychoactive compound could actually treat a lot of disorders. So the US Food and Drug authority approved drugs that contained THC, namely “Marinol” and “Syndros” to treat the nausea in the cancer chemotherapy patients and since THC also promotes hunger, it could cure the loss of appetite in the AIDS patients. Marijuana wasn’t used as a recreational purpose until a Greek historian Herodotus described that inhaling the smoke from cannabis seeds and flowers could result in getting high, to group of Iranian nomads in Central Asia. Smoking cannabis with a pipe became widely used in the Middle East and some parts of Asia after 800 AD

Mexican immigrants were the cause of introduction of weed for recreational purpose in the United States during Mexican revolution.

Effects of Marijuana


Weed or marijuana effects people both mentally and physically. Instant effects, which are of the interest of most youngsters are the euphoria, mood changes and the pleasure of feeling high and out of this world. While others may feel nauseous, anxiety of fear.

Excess of everything is bad, so too much of the marijuana can cause a lot of negative effects on a person.

Medical Purposes:


There have been surprising amount of researches done on this herb. People have found that this herb is actually way more useful than what it’s thought to be, which is just for people to get high. Weed is useful in so much more ways, enlisted below are some of the uses we bet you didn’t know!

  1. Slow and halt cancer cells from spreading

The Cannabidiol present in the marijuana has the ability to turn off the gene called Id-1 which ultimately stops the cancer. Verified by the researchers at California Medical Center, they confirmed that the CBD prevents cancer from spreading and they further experimented on breast cancer cells and the outcome was rather positive too. American Association for Cancer Research has found that marijuana does actually slow down the tumor growth in lungs, brain and breast.

  1. Prevention of Alzheimer’s

THC which is known as the psychoactive agent present in marijuana has proven to slow down the development of Alzheimer’s disease by slowing the formation of amyloid plagues by blocking the enzyme that makes them in the brain. So these plagues are actually the reason for Alzheimer’s disease because they kill the brain cells which leads to the disease

  1. Treat Glaucoma

“Studies in the early 1970s showed that marijuana, when smoked, lowered intraocular pressure (IOP) in people with normal pressure and those with glaucoma.”

So it was ultimately proven that substances in this drug can prevent blindness.

  1. Relief from Arthritis

In 2011, some researches, found out that Cannabis is the cause for reduced pain and inflammation; it enhances sleep, and is a pain reliever for people with Arthritis.

Sativex, a drug with cannabis in it was given to Arthritis patients and within a few weeks, there was clear reduction in the pain.

  1. Soothe tremors for people with Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is a NS disorder that effects the movement and causes tremors. A study from Israel shows that smoking Marijuana actually reduces the pains caused by the tremors and similarly, improves the sleep. Which is why Israel has made marijuana legal for such medical benefits.

  1. Decrease anxiety

In 2010, Harvard university researchers found out that consumption of this drug causes reduced anxiety, causing a mood fluctuation.

However, a misuse of this drug can do the opposite and make you paranoid.

Other benefits include;

  1. Protect brain after a stroke.
  2. Help veterans suffering from PTSD
  3. Control other types of muscle spasms
  4. Help eliminate nightmares
  5. Protect the brain from concussion and trauma



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