Mariah Carey, the Queen of Christmas, reveals why she is so obsessed with the holiday

Mariah Carey is long known as the Queen of Christmas because she creates holiday-themed projects every year and posts on social media. These usually start in November.

Now, let’s talk about it in an interview. W Magazine, The chart-topping singer shares why she loves Christmas so much. 

‘I know a lot of the time people are like, ‘Oh, yay! Take a look at her! She’s, like, so festive and such a Christmas girl,’ or whatever. Carey, 53, stated that Christmas makes her happy.

Mariah Carey, 53., revealed why she is so passionate about Christmas. She was pictured here with Monroe and Moroccan, her twins who she shares with Nick Cannon.

Five-time Grammy Award winner said that she believed she lived a fairy-tale life, where people think she just appeared. That is not the case. It is unlikely that you have the time or energy to write about it all, so we won’t get into it.

She then proceeded to share what sounded like the main reason for her being Christmas-obsessed, and it all starts with her childhood growing up in Huntington, New York.

“But, when you grow up with a messy life, then you are able to make this transformation in your life. This is what joy means to me. “That’s why my children should have all they can. They should be able understand that they can do anything they wish.

Carey often tries her best to get Monroe and Moroccan, her 11-year old twins, involved in her holiday-themed projects. This includes participating in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City on Thursday as well as years past.

Christas-Obsessed:' I Know A Lot Of The Time People Are Like, ¿Oh, Yay! Look At Her! She¿S, Like, So Festive And Such A Christmas Girl,¿ Or Whatever. But, Really, Christmas Makes Me Happy,' Carey, 53, Explained To The W Magazine

Christas-obsessed:’ I know a lot of the time people are like, ‘Oh, yay! Take a look at her! She’s, like, so festive and such a Christmas girl,’ or whatever. Carey, 53 years old, said that Christmas is what makes her happy to the W Magazine.

Her Take: Carey Shard About Not Having 'A Princess-Style Life' Growing Up In Huntington, New York In The Interview With W Magazine; She Is Pictured During Macy'S Thanksgiving Day Parade In New York City On Thursday, November 24

Her Carey shard discusses not living a “princess-style” life as a child in Huntington, New York. Carey is photographed during Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, Thursday, November 24.

Fantasy Life: 'But When You Grow Up With A Messed-Up Life And Then You¿'E Able To Have This Transformation Where You Can Make Your Life What You Want It To Be? That Is Joy For Me,' The Singer Explained Of Her Love Of Christmas; The New York Native Is Seen At 2022 Macy'S Thanksgiving Day Parade, For Which She Served As One Of The Performers

Fantasy life: ‘But when you grow up with a messed-up life and then you’’e able to have this transformation where you can make your life what you want it to be? This is joy for my love of Christmas,’ she explained. The New Yorker is seen at the 2022 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, where she was one of the performers

Many would argue that her success with All I Want for Christmas Is You (1994) sealed her title as Queen Of Christmas.

Written and produced by Carey and Walter Afanasieff, the song has the distinction of being the ‘#1 Billboard greatest of all time holiday 100 songs’, with ‘one billion streams worldwide’, helping it to become among the best-selling Christmas song of all time, with an estimated sales of over 16 million copies worldwide.

“I’m freaking !!!!!” 1 billion!!! These numbers are unbelievable, but the #lambily love is unquantifiable. She wrote, “Eternally grateful and blessed,” on Instagram December 5, 2021 along with three red hearts emojis.   

The song was certified Platinum by RIAA. This signifies that it has sold 10 million copies in the United States. It is the first and only holiday song to achieve this feat. 

Face Of The Holidays: Mariah Carey Has Long Been Dubbed The Queen Of Christmas By Fans For Her Frenzy Of Holiday-Themed Projects And Social Media Posts Each Year

Face of Christmas: Mariah carey is often referred to as “The Queen Of Christmas” by her flurry of holiday-themed projects each year and social media posts

Christmas Standard: Some Would Argue That Carey Sealed Her Queen Of Christmas Moniker With The Success Of Her Now Holiday Classic, All I Want For Christmas Is You (1994), Which Is Now Considered Among The Best-Selling Christmas-Themed Song Of All Time

Christmas standard: Carey was arguably the Queen Of Christmas with her holiday classic All I Want For Christmas Is You (1994), that is still a top-selling Christmas-themed song.

Another example of its durability and longevity is All I Want For Christmas Is You, which has charted every holiday since its release 28 years ago.

Carey attempted to trademark the name “Queen of Christmas” last March. This would have made her the only legal person to use the term.

According to the U.S. Trademark Office. Her company, Lotion LLC wanted to use the moniker along with ‘Princess Christmas’and ‘QOC’for branding. an array of products such as lotions, fragrances, makeup, clothing, jewelry, mugs, cloths, food, ornaments, music and dog accessories, as reported by Fox News.

However, in the end, the Trial Trademark And Appeal Board denied her request for a trademark.

Qoc: The Singer-Songwriter Tried To Trademark The 'Queen Of Christmas' Term But Was Recently Rejected By The Trial Trademark And Appeal Board

QOC: The singer-songwriter tried to trademark the ‘Queen Of Christmas’ term but was recently rejected by the Trial Trademark And Appeal Board

Unofficial Start Of Holiday Season: Carey Often Announces 'It'S Time' For Christmas In November

Carey announces the official start of the holiday season in November, often stating that “It’s Time” for Christmas

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