Mariah Carey is seen using teleprompter at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Singer Mariah Carey was called out by fans after a viral video showed her using a teleprompter to remember the words to her hit song All I Want for Christmas.

The 52-year-old singer returned to the 96th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday and closed the show with her hit Christmas song.

She put on an elaborate festive performance surrounded by dancers in matching marching outfits and her twins, 11-year-old Moroccan and Monroe, that officially rang in the holiday season in New York and across the United States.

But one TikToker, Sydney Barinas (Mohr), who was at the show, noticed that a giant screen, out of view of the cameras but directly in Carey’s line of sight, was displaying the lyrics as Carey sang and decided to post the online show. Friday.

“Yes, Mariah Carey is using a teleprompter for the lyrics to her most famous song at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade,” she captioned the video, which has since been viewed more than 5.6 million times.

The video came just a day after the singer, who has dubbed herself the Queen of Christmas, was accused of lip-syncing to the Christmas outing.

Mariah Carey, 52, returned to the 96th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday, closing the show with her hit Christmas song.

Sydney Barinas (Mohr) Noticed That A Giant Screen—Out Of View Of The Cameras, But Directly In Carey'S Line Of Sight—Was Displaying The Lyrics As Carey Sang

Sydney Barinas (Mohr) noticed that a giant screen, out of view of the cameras, but directly in Carey’s line of sight, was displaying the lyrics as Carey sang.

Fans online were quick to point out that Carey’s flawless vocals sounded extremely similar to the 1994 recorded version of the song.

One fan wrote: ‘Mariah Carey’s lip sync always SENDS me because she’s so cheeky. Like she didn’t even try to hide it.

Another wrote: ‘So @MariahCarey doesn’t sing foreal anymore? Smh,” while a third wrote: “I wish I would get paid to stand up and look cute lip syncing like Mariah Carey… that girl didn’t sing a note.”

Another fan wrote: ‘And here it is ladies and gentlemen! The self-proclaimed Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey. …and yes, I think she’s lip-syncing her.’

One fan added: ‘Mariah Carey is lip syncing. What a scare’ while another wrote: What a great performance by #MariahCarey, totally live! LOL’.

1669315291 257 Mariah Carey Returns To Thanksgiving Day Parade As Fans

1669315292 211 Mariah Carey Returns To Thanksgiving Day Parade As Fans

Fans Had Already Berated Carey Online After The Performance For Lip-Syncing The Song.

Fans had already berated Carey online after the performance for lip-syncing the song.

The star’s performance saw a cameo appearance from her twins dancing behind her on Christmas boxes.

She wrote on Instagram: ‘Happy Thanksgiving! Grateful and very proud of my beautiful children Roc and Roe, thankful for the kindness and for the precious moments in life. Now is really the time!

Her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka commented: “Best performance of the year!!!”

The Holiday Celebration Came Just Days After Carey Was Prevented From Registering The Title Of

The festive celebration came just days after Carey was prevented from registering the title “Queen of Christmas.”

The 52-Year-Old Songwriter Carried A Jeweled Parasol As She Made Her Way To The Stage On Thursday.

The 52-year-old songwriter carried a jeweled parasol as she made her way to the stage on Thursday.

But the performance came just days after festive singer Elizabeth Chan prevented Carey from exclusively registering the title “Queen of Christmas” in a historic victory.

She had filed to trademark the phrase in March 2021, a move that angered party singers Chan, 42, and Darlene Love, 81, with the former heading to court in an attempt to block Carey. .

The United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ultimately ruled against Carey’s attempt to register the ‘Christmas Queen’ trademark. It also rejected and denied Carey’s simultaneous attempts to register the trademarks ‘Princess Christmas’ and ‘QOC’.

The It’s Like That singer had he requested the exclusive right to use the titles in everything from music, perfume, sunglasses, and even coconut milk, in perpetuity and throughout the world.

In response to the decision, Chan said: ‘Christmas is a season of giving, not a season of receiving, and it is wrong for an individual to try to own and monopolize a nickname like Queen of Christmas for the purposes of abject materialism.

“As an independent artist and small business owner, my life’s work is bringing people together for the holiday season, which is why I came to be called the Queen of Christmas.

I wear that title as a badge of honor and with full knowledge that it will be, and should be, bestowed on others in the future.

“My goal in going into this fight was to stand up to the intimidation characteristic of not only protecting myself, but also protecting the future Queens of Christmas.”

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