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Maria Gabriel resigns from the European Commission to form the new government of Bulgaria


On Monday, the Bulgarian President assigned the European Commissioner for Innovation and Culture, Maria Gabriel, 43, to form a government in Bulgaria, and she resigned from her post in Brussels.

“I will do my best to have a regular, stable and effective government,” she said, after being received by President Roman Radev in the hope of overcoming the current serious political crisis in Sofia.

Bulgaria, which is experiencing instability, held on the second of April the fifth legislative elections in two years, and the various political parties failed to agree on a coalition with a majority.

Except for a brief period in power for liberals, Bulgaria is governed by expert governments appointed by the Bulgarian president.

Having come first in the elections, the conservative GERB party, led by former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, is seeking the support of the reformist liberal coalition led by his opponent, Kirill Petkov.

He chose Maria Gabriel to conduct negotiations within a week so that, if she succeeded in forming a government, she would become prime minister.

For her part, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced in a statement Monday in Brussels that she had “accepted Gabriel’s resignation”.

Gabriel’s “Citizens for European Development in Bulgaria” (Gerb) seeks to break out of the isolation into which it sank after a decade of Boyko Borisov’s rule in Bulgaria.

In 2020, protests were organized against him on charges of protecting corrupt elites with the complicity of the Public Prosecution.

In the new, fragmented parliament, Gabriel’s party has 69 deputies out of 240 and 64 for the liberal-reform coalition.

After this fifth election, the two parties put aside differences and agreed on a joint legislative program, which provides for the adoption of a budget and reform of the judicial system to amend the status of the Attorney General, who currently enjoys full powers.

These are essential reforms to implement the European recovery plan, and to join the Schengen space and the single currency.

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