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Maria abandons Danny, 34, after a calamitous blind date goes completely awry.


Maria, 38

dating the past

I’ve been single for 17 years, apart from a relationship that lasted about six months.

What is the prehistory of nerves?

Yes, I was definitely nervous because I had never done anything like this before, but I was also excited. I felt charming, attractive and confident, so I hoped to have a nice date.

First impressions?

Within seconds of meeting him, my hopes were dashed.

Although Danny has beautiful blue eyes, which I love, he wasn’t tall enough for me – the bartender would have been better. Danny said he had been out partying the night before so he looked exhausted.

Also, when he leaned in for the first kiss to say hello, his lips were almost touching, which was awkward.

Maria is single and has a 19-year-old daughter. She is currently a student in criminal law and wants to meet someone who is “smart and gentlemanly”

Mariah, pictured, didn't enjoy the date and left after it started.  She said Danny talked a lot about himself

Mariah, pictured, didn’t enjoy the date and left after it started. She said Danny talked a lot about himself

Easy to talk to?

in a word no. He kept bringing the conversation to himself, how he was an actor when he was younger. I hardly got a word.

He also kept trying to grab my hand across the table, which I didn’t like at all.

He even made a “joke” about not letting me order olives because he didn’t want to kiss me afterward. I thought that was very forward and inappropriate.

You probably looked irresistible to him thanks to the team at the photo shoot!

By the time I finished my lunch appetizers, I knew I wanted to go. Anyway, I had a dinner planned with some family, but it was a good excuse to leave.

Awkward moments?

He ate smoked salmon with his hands and kept talking with his mouth full. Some food flew and hit my cutlery. Danny could have done with better manners.

Did sparks fly?

never. I didn’t find him physically or emotionally attractive.

see him again?

No, please don’t!

What do you think he thought of you?

I think he found me attractive because he kept being a bit forward. If he wants to make a woman feel comfortable, he needs to give her space. The whole thing left a bitter aftertaste. What a waste to shine on a date and then want to leave early.

Does your family love him?

no! They knew right away it wasn’t right for me.

Vital stats for the blind date


Single and has a 19-year-old daughter.

The current role

Student criminal lawyer.

do you like In order to meet

A tall, handsome person with bright blue eyes and muscles. I don’t have a perfect man, but someone who is smart and crazy.


Single for a year, no children.

The current role

Training to be a software engineer.

do you like In order to meet

Fun and cutting person. While the look isn’t my first go-to, I love women with curvy hips, fuller lips, and a thigh gap, who make an effort with sexy nails.

Danny, 34

dating the past

I’ve been in a few long term relationships and been celibate for about a year after a bad breakup. It was past the sell-by date and we parted by mutual consent, but it ended in a terrible row.

What is the prehistory of nerves?

I was a little nervous, yeah.

First impressions?

Maria didn’t fit any of the criteria for an ideal woman—see above—so I realized within a few seconds that she wasn’t for me.

At thirty-eight years old, she was very old. But I was happy to have a friendly meal and to get to know someone better.

Danny, 34, is training to be a software engineer.  He has been single for a year and has no children

Danny, 34, is training to be a software engineer. He has been single for a year and has no children

At 38, Danny says, it was Mariah

Danny says that at 38, Maria is “too old” for him and wishes she was more “on” their date

Easy to talk to?

Not real. I’d call the whole thing a “polite disaster,” and it was all so awkward.

My pet peeve is an unreal person and I came across to Maria as if she was just there for the free meal – she didn’t seem to care about me at all.

She made fun of not wanting to kiss her if she ate olives, but she didn’t seem to find it funny. Interestingly, she didn’t order them after that.

She seemed to relax a bit afterward and we laughed about a few things, including our previous jobs as models and some of our travels. But none of it was what I would call “easy” conversation. I got the impression that she was killing time before she could leave.

Awkward moments?

She made excuses and slipped out after the start, remaining more like the right cup.

I called a companion of mine to see if he wanted to come over and share the rest of the meal, but he wasn’t free, so I finished my food in silence.

Did sparks fly?


see her again?

No, absolutely not. She said something like “Maybe we’ll see each other again?” ‘, but it was said as if she meant to add ‘in our field . . . . . when she got up to leave, she leaned in for a kiss and backed away and extended her hand to see her off as if it were a business transaction.

What do you think she thought of you?

It was very difficult to find out. She did not disclose anything. Even when I loosened up a bit, I couldn’t tell if she liked me as a person, let alone a romantic interest.

Does your family like it?

I really don’t think so.

Maria’s verdict: 2/10

I love? I enjoyed the starters!

Regrets? No, it was nice to meet someone outside of work.

Coffee or the cab? Taxi.

Danny’s verdict: 3/10

I love? The restaurant.

Regrets? I wish it was more “in” history.

Coffee or the cab? Taxi.

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