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Marauders, the “Tarkov with Space Pirates,” gets the biggest update in its history – WhatsNew2Day


Marauders just got a massive update.

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The extraction shooter Marauders, reminiscent of Escape from Tarkov in space, received the huge update on April 25, 2023 The United Allies. In addition to the new faction that gives it its name, there are countless improvements.

It is the third and biggest title update so far. We show you the most important innovations and list the complete patch notes.

Before you ask yourself what else Marauders was, here’s our Early Access conclusion to get you in the mood:

Marauders - Early Access verdict on the new first-person shooter - Early Access verdict on the new first-person shooter

FYNG CAGGTUS Which co op or multiplayer title should we play.svg


Marauders – Early Access verdict on the new first-person shooter – Early Access verdict on the new first-person shooter

It’s in the Marauders update

First of all: The update also emulates Escape from Tarkov in a rather unloved aspect, the so-called wipe. All player progress has been reset to zero. The unlocked cosmetic items are also affected.

The developers write down Steamthat they only want to use the remedy when it is unavoidable due to new game systems, and only in Early Access.

Now for the fun part. Marauders gets these innovations with the new patch:

  • New map: The Colony Cruiser is secured by heavy artillery and moves through space. If you dock alive, you can hunt for players and loot inside.

The new colony ship floats majestically through the vacuum.

The new colony ship floats majestically through the vacuum.

  • New Faction: The United Allies appear as AI on the maps. You can also unlock the UA Marines outfit and put it on yourself.
  • New clothing: A heavy M1 helmet and Sherman plate carrier protect those who slip them on.
  • Tournaments: A new tournament system lets you compete against each other. There are prizes like loot and exclusive clothing items for… you know.
  • New weapons: Two grenade launchers, a Stoner 63 rifle, various weapon attachments
  • New Missions
  • Ambient Voice Chatto palaver with opponents.
  • ship trader
  • vending machines for medikits and the like
  • Various traps for laying out, rubbing hands and giggling

How is that it? Absolutely not, the Marauders update The United Allies includes numerous other innovations, along with balance and other improvements. You can find the official patch notes on the second page.

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What do you think of Marauders? Have you already tried the new update? What is your impression? Do you like probing questions at the end of an article? Feel free to write it in the comments!

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