Manchester United vs Charlton Women leave game after horror damage

Charlton women's defender Charlotte Kerr forced 30 minutes to wait for ambulance, because ghastly injury places her in the hospital and force play against Manchester United is suspended

  • Manchester United Women took on Charlton Women at The Oakwood on Sunday
  • The match was abandoned due to "medical reasons & # 39; after an injury to a player
  • Charlotte Kerr descended after a goal and received long-term medical treatment

Matt Porter for mailonline

The match between Manchester United Women and Charlton Women is due to medical reasons & # 39; leave.

Charlton defender Charlotte Kerr went down when Man United scored a goal in the eleventh minute and got a long-term treatment on the field.

The players were asked to go back to the changing rooms and later the referee decided to leave the game after Kerr was taken to the hospital.

Charlotte Kerr, Charlton, female defender, is now in hospital after a gruesome injury

Charlotte Kerr, Charlton, female defender, is now in hospital after a gruesome injury

It turns out that after Charlie Devlin scored the opening goal of Manchester United, Kerr crashed after a collision with her keeper.

According to Manchester Evening News, Kerr went down for 30 minutes while being treated on the field by the medical teams of both clubs. The players were called back to their changing rooms while the ambulance brought her to the hospital.

It is claimed that Kerr & # 39; has quite a serious rib injury, but nothing else. She had trouble breathing and was put on oxygen by United's medical staff. & # 39;

& # 39; The referee has decided to leave the game because of medical reasons, & # 39; reads a tweet from the Charlton Athletic Women account. We will bring you details about rearranged details and map news in due time. Thank you for your support. & # 39;

Another tweet says news about Charlotte Kerr's condition will be shared as soon as they have more information.

The Manchester United Women account tweeted their support for Kerr and said & # 39; everyone at #MUWomen wishes her a quick recovery. & # 39;

There has been controversy in the aftermath of the incident about why there was no ambulance on the spot in the event of an emergency.

Unlike the Premier League, it is not mandatory to have an on-site ambulance for games like this, and Kerr had to wait some time before someone arrived.