Manchester United supporters claim they were censored by club and NBC over Glazer Out protests

1958 update

Are visual protests working?

‘On October 15 and 16, NBC in the US held a Premier League fan festival. Showing all the PL games that weekend and guests included former UK footballers which included Alan Shearer and Ian Wright [sic].

The 1958s have been in talks with several fan clubs in the US who want to protest the Glazers and the fan party seemed like a great opportunity. NBC has the rights to show PL props in the US. Coverage would be across all of NBC’s social media and media outlets. A great opportunity for United fans in the United States and around the world to see that the sale of our soccer club to the Glazers is as strong a sentiment for our brothers in the US as it is in the UK United.

Just the beginning, bringing the protest to the front door of Glazers!

Discussions between our groups had established a firm plan. Our fans in the US would wear the green and gold. Hold up ‘Glazer Out’ banners and position yourself so that this is captured by the live stream as well as photo and filming opportunities throughout the festival. The day would have started with a march from a local pub to the fan party.

Two days before the festival, a member of MUSC had been on a call with Manchester United representatives, who informed them that NBC would not be filming any green and gold colors that represented a visual protest against the Glazer family. Under clear terms, if United fans choose to wear these colors or hold protest banners, they will not be filmed or photographed. See screenshots of this that have been sent to us.

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Clearly a pressure tactic by the club to dampen the protests of the fans. To silence our rights as United supporters to protest Glazer ownership. We have heard and experienced all this before, right?

Our fellow fans in the US have decided that they will continue to wear Green & Gold and carry their banners to the festival. However, as expected, little to no coverage was available on official NBC channels. Our banners included sprayed sheets and smaller ‘Glazers Out’ signs. Also, the non-stop chants from ‘Glazers Out’ that were ignored by NBC.

All this leads to one conclusion. Visual protests have a great impact on this property. As we have seen with Sky Sports coverage lately. The club pressures the media. They don’t want our protests to be televised because it hurts their dividend payments. The Glazers need investment, they need cash, they’ve run our club into the ground. Investors know the Glazers are on the ropes because they know the fan base wants them gone!

Why would you want your product on TV and linked to property that has bankrupted a football institution? During every game, fans protest this property and show how much they despise them live on TV.

Below are the details of the communications we had with our colleagues in the United States. One more proof of the pressure exerted by the club on the fans so that they stop protesting against this ownership.

The Glazers don’t want this. Richard Arnold cited that United fans have a right to protest. He also confirmed that the protests do have an impact. The club is using other tactics to try to suppress us! We will continue to work with our colleagues in the United States. This is not the end. It’s the beginning!

We continue to grow, scale and form alliances. we continue to continue to believe. As we mentioned in our Newcastle protest update. We are evolving. Big news and announcements to follow. As we have said before, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Patience and support are the key.

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