Manager slams ‘influencer’ who canceled 30,000 photoshoots on him because she had a ‘headache’

Social media manager slams Australian influencer for canceling $30,000 photo shoot because she had a ‘headache’ and questions how much money they REALLY make

  • A social media manager has scolded one of his influencers for making a phone call
  • Zane of Luxe Social was shocked when she posted a bond for a $30,000 shot
  • The six-hour recording was interrupted because the woman had a headache, he claims



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A social media manager has criticized influencers for making too much money after a young woman turned down a $30,000 shoot because she had a headache.

Venting over TikTok Zaneos

who owns Luxe Social, revealed that the young woman stopped filming an hour before it was due to start.

At first he was sympathetic as he thought something serious had happened.

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Venting over TikTok Zaneos, who owns Luxe Social, revealed that the young woman stopped filming an hour before it was due to start

“For me to turn down a $30,000 shot for six hours of work… I would show up with 17 gunshot wounds to my chest,” he said.

But this sympathy quickly turned to outrage after finding out she was ‘okay and just had a bit of a headache so she wanted to call it’.

‘All she had to do was basically rock out, film as much content as humanly possible within six hours. Then you jump,’ he said.

‘It just shows how much money these girls make.’

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He complained that the young woman’s actions had a knock-on effect with all the videographers, photographers and other crew members.

“And now I have to sort it out with the f***ing manager,” he added.

The video, which was uploaded on Thursday afternoon, quickly went viral and has been viewed over 700,000 times with more than 35,000 people liking it.

Some people slammed the influencer in the comments.

‘I hope you charged her unless she had a serious problem and told you beforehand. That’s why I don’t hire them,” one man said.

Some even questioned her integrity.

‘She didn’t have a headache bro. She had a better deal to attend to,’ one man said.

But most people seemed to be on her side.

‘Record as much content in six hours as humanly possible? So it wasn’t as easy as just showing up, one man added.

He said all she had to do was rock up – and work for six hours to make as much content as possible

He said he would show up to work for $30,000 with 17 gunshot wounds

“If she had a headache, that’s probably code for a painful period, women’s bodies can’t always work around the male-dominated schedule,” said one woman.

While many others suggested it could have been a migraine headache.

‘I used to have severe migraines that completely paralyzed me for days. Couldn’t tolerate light, smells or noise. The slightest movement made me violently ill,” said one woman.

“I get migraines but play it down because I don’t want sympathy,” added another.

Some said the woman didn’t need an excuse to cancel — and the paycheck reflects her value to the brand.

“They need her, she knows her worth,” one person said.

“I like her, she realizes she comes first,” another supporter added.

The video is Zane’s most popular to date, with his last ‘most viral’ clip hitting just 35,000 views.


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