Man with Chevrolet tattoo down his arm who tried to kidnap bikini barista is seen in court

The man with an intricate ‘Chevrolet’ tattoo on his arm who is accused of trying to kidnap a bikini-clad barista appeared in court for the first time on Wednesday.

Authorities say 38-year-old Matthew Darnell tried to drag a barista from the drive-thru Beankini Espresso in Auburn, Wash., early Monday morning. The popular drive-thru is known for its gimmick in which baristas serve drinks in lingerie and bikinis.

Surveillance footage showed a suspect with a distinctive Chevrolet tattoo attempting to drag the unnamed barista out the window using a lasso-like device. The victim was able to fight off the attacker, who fled after failing to tie the woman up.

She told she did not know her attacker, saying the attack was entirely random, and on Wednesday, a King County judge found probable cause to charge Darnell with attempted sexually motivated kidnapping and assault.

A formal charging decision will be announced later in the week, according to CATV.

Matthew Darnell, 38, made his first King County court appearance on Wednesday.

His Distinctive 'Chevrolet' Tattoo On His Left Arm Was Visible In Posted Photos And Videos Of His Appearance. None Of The Photos And Videos Show Her Face.

His distinctive ‘Chevrolet’ tattoo on his left arm was visible in posted photos and videos of his appearance. None of the photos and videos show her face.


In your decision, nbc news The judge reportedly said she was not concerned that Darnell was a flight risk, after his attorney pointed out that he owns a local business, but could be an additional danger to the community.

She set his bond at $500,000.

Released photos and videos of Darnell’s appearance in King County court only showed his tattoo and a band on his left arm. No images showing his face have been published.

Darnell was arrested at his Auburn home less than 14 hours after the attempted kidnapping. His name was finally released to the public on Wednesday.

Police in suburban Seattle had released the surveillance footage, which showed a man approaching the window at Beankini Espresso to pay and then get his change. The man appeared to have the same Chevrolet tattoo on his arm.

The man was then seen grabbing the woman’s arm with one hand while holding a zip-lock device in the other, before attempting to drag the victim out of the window.

Fortunately, the barista was able to fight back and break free.

The man, who was driving a Chevrolet Silverado, was forced to speed up, dropping the dollar bills that the woman handed him to the ground.

A Barista Who Was Nearly Kidnapped By A Bridle Truck Driver Said She Did Not Recognize Her Possible Kidnapper, Who Was Arrested 14 Hours After Police Released This Chilling Surveillance Video That Captured The Close Call.

A barista who was nearly kidnapped by a bridle truck driver said she did not recognize her possible kidnapper, who was arrested 14 hours after police released this chilling surveillance video that captured the close call.

The Alleged Kidnapper Grabbed The Barista'S Arm As She Tried To Pass Him Some Money Through Her Car Window.

The alleged kidnapper grabbed the barista’s arm as she tried to pass him some money through her car window.

The Barista Fought Back And Finally Got Free Before The Man Stormed Off With A Few Dollar Bills Falling To The Ground.

The barista fought back and finally got free before the man stormed off with a few dollar bills falling to the ground.

Speaking to after the terrifying incident, the victim, who asked not to be named, shared how her would-be kidnapper ordered and paid for a drink, before requesting change for a $5 bill.

She said it was when she handed him the five dollar bills back that the man grabbed her. The victim said that she and her colleagues had never seen the man before.

It’s unclear if Darnell has any connection to the barista or the coffee business.

But the barista, who has worked at the drive-thru coffee stand for nine years, claimed it was a “totally random act.”

She also said she’s grateful that the woman-owned coffee shop emphasizes employee safety, revealing that the store is equipped with a silent panic button, metal doors and surveillance cameras.

Employees are also allowed to carry maces and tasers, he said.

The Cafeteria Is Equipped With A Silent Panic Button, Metal Doors And Surveillance Cameras. Staff May Also Have Mace And Tasers.

The cafeteria is equipped with a silent panic button, metal doors and surveillance cameras. Staff may also have mace and tasers.

Beankini Espresso, In Auburn, Washington, Is A Women-Owned Business That Serves Coffee And Espresso Through A Drive-Thru Window. In The Photo: A Former Employee, Not The Victim

Beankini Espresso, in Auburn, Washington, is a women-owned business that serves coffee and espresso through a drive-thru window. In the photo: a former employee, not the victim

In an interview with Business Insider on Wednesday, the barista said she was hopeful the police had the right man, so she couldn’t try to do this to anyone else.

“There is nothing more we should have done or could have done to prevent this,” he said, reiterating the extensive security measures taken at the popular coffee stand, whose owner, he said, “puts our safety first.”

“We have maces, tasers, silent panic buttons, we have metal doors, extra precautions in case someone tries to kick in a door,” the woman said. ‘We have audio, video.’

He also told ‘Our owner allows us to close the window on any customer and handle each situation in the way we feel comfortable. We are permitted to deny service to anyone for any reason.

Still, other baristas at nearby coffee shops are now concerned for their safety, and a small business owner who runs a similar stall where employees wear risqué uniforms told KIRO 7 on Wednesday that she is already in the process of changing it to be more family friendly in hopes of keeping the creeps like the one seen in the pictures away.

As Auburn Police Department spokesman Kolby Crossley put it, these baristas ‘are in vulnerable positions because they usually check those spots by themselves in the early morning hours when it’s dark outside.

“But this barista did an amazing job of protecting herself and fighting this person,” she added.

Authorities also said they arrested Darnell after “overwhelming support from the community.”

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