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Man had sex with his wife on bollard after it had been erected to stop him parking his campervan

Man had sex with his wife on a traffic bollard in protest after it was placed by neighbor to prevent him from parking his RV in her parking lot

  • Lee Craig McConnell, from Dorset, consistently parked next door
  • The woman placed CCTV and a traffic bollard in an attempt to stop the 28-year-old
  • McConnell pleaded guilty to indecent exposure after having sex on the traffic bollard

A man had sex with his wife on a traffic bollard in protest after it was erected by his neighbor to stop him from parking his RV in her parking lot.

Lee Craig McConnell, 28, consistently parked his vehicle and a motorhome in his neighbour’s parking lot in Meadow View, Blandford Forum, where he lives.

In retaliation, his neighbor was forced to erect a traffic bollard to prevent McConnell from parking his RV in her space after it led to “some tension” and “quarrels” between the couple. Dorset is alive reported.

Weymouth Magistrates’ Court heard how neighbors living in the relatively small cul-de-sac of 10 houses regularly had problems parking and leaving their respective spaces with their vehicles.

Despite her best efforts, prosecutor Richard Withey said the bollard was pushed over and tampered with got the concerned neighbor to install cameras from her bedroom to survey the area.

Lee Craig McConnell, 28, had sex with his wife on a parking bollard after a neighbor put it down to prevent him from parking his vehicle and a campervan in his parking lot in Meadow View, Blandford Forum (pictured)

Despite placing the camera on an outside wall and putting up warning signs for CCTV, she still did caught McConnell knocking over the traffic bollard twice.

After 11 p.m. on October 26, 2022, CCTV footage captured McConnell beckoning his wife to come to the parking pole and having intercourse with her.

Mr Withey noted that the incident only became known to the neighbor the day after it happened.

Referring to the CCTV footage, he said, “He appears to be talking and she (McConnel’s wife) is wearing some sort of dress, who then walks up to the traffic bollard, goes over the traffic bollard and engages in that (sexual) act.” He’s done and walks into the house.’

The stunned neighbor was “completely disgusted” by the footage and felt the act was intended to “shock and intimidate” her during their continued parking queue.

In addition, before calling his wife, the 28-year-old was caught facing the camera while masturbating outside the front of his home.

On the same night of the sexual act, her husband had been taken to hospital.

Mr Withey claimed it was ‘an attempt by the defendant to humiliate her’ and noted that McConnell had not commented during police questioning.

McConnell pleaded guilty to indecent exposure at Friday afternoon’s court hearing.

Defensively, Simon Lacey said McConnell was “embarrassed” by his actions and put their house up for sale in an attempt to draw a line under the incident.

He added: ‘The whole thing is a disaster.

“All they are doing is getting themselves out of a very difficult situation. It’s sad and this is a man trying to raise a family and work.

“He is very ashamed of what happened. It’s a very hard lesson to learn.”

McConnell also expressed concern that a copy of the footage still exists and “concerns” about what might happen to the video.

Mr. Lacey said, “He had no idea there were cameras. It was not intentional and not to humiliate the neighbour. It was clearly inappropriate for something that happened.

‘He has come and pleaded guilty at the first opportunity. It is fair to say that the neighbor was not made aware of it until she was told about it.

The case was adjourned for a pre-sentence report and McConnell will appear again in the same court on April 27.

He was released on bail but ordered not to contact his neighbour.