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Man discovers his girlfriend’s ‘disgusting’ habit while cleaning their bedroom

Man discovers his girlfriend’s ‘disgusting’ habit while cleaning their bedroom

  • A man found hundreds of discarded daily lenses behind the bed
  • He said his girlfriend just throws them there when she’s done with them

A humble man has shared the unusual discovery he made after cleaning the bed in the bedroom he shares with his girlfriend.

The anonymous man posted on Reddit where he shared a photo with hundreds of little blue discs on the floor, against the wall.

He explained that the discs were in fact discarded contact lenses that his girlfriend simply throws on the back of the bed when she is done with them.

A humble man shared the shocking discovery he made after cleaning the bed in the bedroom he shares with his girlfriend – behind the bed is full of discarded contact lenses

He wrote: ‘My other half throws her daily contacts behind the headboard of our bed’.


Do you think the girlfriend is not okay?

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  • Depends on her other cleanliness habits 9 votes

It didn’t take long for over 12,000 people to express their views on how “disgusting” her behavior is.

“People like this amaze me. Like where do you think it’s going? Clean up that mess,” one person commented.

Another said, “I just don’t get this. My house is not perfect in any way. I put off vacuuming and dusting and scrubbing toilets. But things like this only make the chaos mad.’

Others shared the other disgusting habits they’ve encountered in the past, including one who said they had a roommate who left bacon grease in the pan.

“I used to have a roommate who kept excessive amounts of bacon fat in her cast iron pan,” they wrote.

“I don’t just mean a little oil residue as part of the seasoning, I mean big white blobs of melted and recongealed fat.” Many of us tried to convince her it was bad, but she just left it in the pan until the next time she cooked – after which she wiped off the excess and returned to cooking with the pan.”

The commentator added: “Sometimes she used the pan for days. Thing is, she was pretty picky and tidy with everything else. Kept the chores in check, was honestly one of the people most on top of things when it came to keeping the house clean’.

Others confessed to also depositing their used contact lenses all over the house:

“My ex-roommate did this. Left them on the coffee table, counter tops, everywhere,” one person wrote.

Another recalled, “When we left, I swept the apartment one last time and in his room there was a huge blue stain from dried contacts that had fused into the hardwood.”