Man arrested after alleged sexual assault with meat cleaver

Police say a violent sexual predator is behind bars after a “horrendous” attack on a woman in her own home, in which the man allegedly used a butcher knife he found in the woman’s kitchen to threaten and assault her. .

Sex Crimes Squad Commander Jayne Doherty told reporters police will allege a 26-year-old woman was alone in the bedroom of her Auburn unit at around 6:40 p.m. Friday when the man walked in, he took the butcher knife, then found her and began to threaten her. with that.

“He assaulted her multiple times and struck her on the back of the head with the butcher knife handle before sexually assaulting her,” Doherty said. “It’s horrendous, she’s in what she thinks is her home safe from her.”

After the man left, the woman barricaded herself inside her home until she was sure she was safe, Doherty said.

The woman, who suffered minor physical injuries, went to the Auburn police station a short time later to report the alleged assault.


Doherty said the “swift action” by the woman who came forward allowed police to “get a lot of evidence in this matter” and “ensure that this person is arrested and brought to court so quickly that they will not have a chance again.” .

She encouraged other women who have been sexually assaulted to do the same, even if they are not sure if they want to go forward with the criminal process.

“The foundation of all sexual assault investigations comes from victim evidence…the sooner that is brought forward, the better chance we have of obtaining evidence in the matters.”

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