Man, 28 years old, is lifted out of Gulf of Mexico after 15 hours of falling off Carnival Cruise.

This is the dramatic moment that shows the missing Carnival Cruise passenger being hoisted and rescued from the Gulf of Mexico by the Coast Guard after falling out of the luxury vessel and being stuck in the water for 15 hours. 

The unidentified man, 28, was found alive and in stable conditions in the Gulf of Mexico after falling overboard the Carnival Valor cruise ship following a night of drinking on November 24 and could have been in the water for up to 21.5 hours. 

Although the video is not clear, the Coast Guard’s footage of the rescue shows the man clearly floating above the helicopter and waving at it.

A Bulk carrier known as the Crinis was able to locate the man and contact Coast Guard. He At 8:25 p.m., he was finally saved about 20 miles south from Southwest Pass, Louisiana.  

He Although unable to give details to officers about how he fell, he was able confirm that it was him and gave his name to them. His identity is not known.

Lieutenant Seth Gross of the USCG New Orleans branch said that the man was suffering from hypothermia and shock as well as dehydration. 

Ryan Graves was a petty officer in the branch. Washington Post‘This is a very rare case. It’s a miracle that someone can be picked up after so long in the water, without any flotation device.

Lieutenant Seth Gross (pictured), stated that they found the Carnival Cruise passenger missing from his Carnival Cruise. He was in stable condition, but he is still unable to tell them what happened. Although the man could not tell them what happened when he fell from the boat, he is now stable. 

Tense Video Shows The Missing Carnival Cruise Passenger Being Hoisted From The Gulf Of Mexico By The Coast Guard After Falling Out Of The Luxury Vessel And Being Stuck In The Water For 15 Hours

After falling from their luxury cruise ship, the Coast Guard lifts the missing Carnival Cruise passenger from the Gulf of Mexico. The Coast Guard then holds the person for 15 hours in the water.

The Unidentified Man, 28, Was Found Alive And In Stable Conditions In The Gulf Of Mexico After Falling Overboard The Carnival Valor Cruise Ship Following A Night Of Drinking On November 24 And Could Have Been In The Water For Up To 21.5 Hours

28-year-old unidentified male was found in stable condition in the Gulf of Mexico. He had fallen overboard Carnival Valor Cruise Ship after a night of drinking.

While The Video Is A Bit Grey, The Coast Guard'S Clip Of The Rescue Shows The Man Clearly Floating And Appearing To Wave At The Chopper

The video may be a little grainy, but the Coast Guard’s clip shows the man clearly floating above the helicopter and appearing to wave at it.

The Male Passenger Was Found In The Gulf Of Mexico On Thanksgiving Day After Going Missing From The Carnival Valor (Pictured In September). He Was Last Seen At The Bar With His Sister Before He Left To Use The Restroom Around 11Pm And Did Not Return. His Sister Waited Until Noon The Next Day To Report Him Missing

The Gulf of Mexico was found with the male passenger on Thanksgiving Day. He had been missing from Carnival Valor (pictured in Septembre). He He was last seen at the bar around 11pm with his sister. Then he went to the bathroom and didn’t return. His sister waited till noon the next morning to report him missing.

The man was taken to New Orleans for treatment.  

He His sister was the last to see him at Carnival Valor’s bar before he left for the toilet at 11pm on Wednesday. He did not return. According to the police, his sister did not report him missing until noon the following day. KPLC 7.

Although the ship was searched thoroughly, he was not found. Crews called the Coast Guard at 2.30pm. 

We have not been able confirm when he entered water. So we are going to assume. [that] Gross said that Gross could have entered the waterway any time between Wednesday and Thursday. CNN

‘He He could have been in the water for up to 15 hours before we were able rescue him.  

The ship had backtracked toward New Orleans to support the US Coast Guard, before returning on its path to Cozumel, Mexico, after being released from the search. 

The man was spotted on another vessel, and was picked up by helicopter at 8.25pm from the Southwest Pass in Louisiana. 

1669414870 106 Man 28 Found Alive 15 Hours After Falling Overboard Carnival

The man jumped onboard the boat as it was heading from New Orleans to Cozumel.


Wednesday 11pm: Last seen with his sister at the bar is the man 

Thursday, 12 p.m. Sister informs crew members that he is missing

12-2.30pm: Crew searches for the man but cannot locate him

2.30pm: The US Coast Guard was contacted and Carnival Valor began backtracking towards New Orleans 

Unspecified time: Coast Guard releases ship from search 

8.25pm: He is rescued via helicopter by the Coast Guard after being spotted by another ship 

Total time missed: 21.5 Hours 

It is not known how long he was in the water. Near New Orleans, the water temperature was 70 degrees. 

Gross stated that the rescue mission was difficult because of the time difference between when Gross was last seen and when Coast Guard was notified. 

They issued an emergency message to all Mariners in the Gulf, and then ‘launched all resources’, which included a small boat and helicopter and planes that covered 200 miles of an area designated as an ‘active search. 

Gross said to CNN, “Time was the most important thing.”  

His family was supported by Carnival while he was gone. Gross stated that he spoke to his family while he was missing. 

Gross claimed that this mission was “unlike any I’ve ever been a part” throughout his 17-year long career. 

Gross stated to the outlet that he believes this “blows the boat out of the water” in the case. Gross said that every rescue and search case must account for the will to live.

“This is one the most amazing Thanksgiving miracles I’ve ever heard about. 

Mike Anderson, a passenger onboard the ship, claimed he saw the cruise staff searching for the man, and heard announcements about missing persons. 

‘[I] Security began to search the boat using a photograph of the missing [passenger] CNN. 

Carnival stated to that they greatly appreciated the efforts of all involved, especially the US Coast Guard as well as the mariner who saw the guest in the waters. 

The ship will then sail to Progreso on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula before returning to the States Monday. 

The cruise took five days, starting in New Orleans and ending in Cozumel the third day. Next day, passengers travel to another port before returning home to Louisiana. 

The Man Was Transported Back To New Orleans On A Helicopter (Pictured)

The man was taken by helicopter back to New Orleans (pictured). 

After escaping from security, a 32-year old woman jumped off the cliff earlier this year. 

Three security guards at Carnival Valor are shown holding the woman in distress’ arms behind their backs. She Despite previous claims by passengers, she was not handcuffed.

She As she was being helped up a flight staircase by guards, she yelled out “Alicia” after an alleged hot tub accident.

The 32-year old woman was escorted off deck by guards shortly after which she allegedly escaped and jumped off the ship’s tenth-floor balcony into the ocean.

Earlier This Year, A Woman, 32, (Pictured) Jumped Overboard After Breaking Away From Security

 After escaping from security, a 32-year old woman (pictured) jumped into the water.

Shortly After Being Escorted Off The Deck, The 32-Year-Old Woman Allegedly Broke Free From The Guards And Jumped Off The Tenth Floor Of The Ship And Into The Ocean.  A Passenger Claimed They Saw 'Blood And Jerking Motions' After She Went Overboard

The 32-year old woman, who was being escorted off deck, allegedly broke away from the guards and jumped off of the ship’s tenth-floor balcony into the ocean.  After she was escorted off the deck, a passenger said they saw blood and jerking movements.

Her Although the footage does not show leap, passengers said that she struck the side of the boat and then hit the water face-first.

As crew tossed flares and life-savers to mark the woman’s position in the sea, shocked passengers rush to the ship’s edge. According to passengers, the woman vanished soon thereafter. 

After she went overboard, a passenger claimed that she saw bloody and jerking motions.  

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