Malware hidden in Call of Duty cheat software proves that cheaters never thrive


Hackers hide malware in cheating software Call of Duty: Warzone and have tried to spread it to ‘cheaters’, as an Activision report calls them (through Vice

You can read the full report here, but it explains that there has been a campaign of hackers to try War zone players to download a fake cheat engine. After players run it, the malware can infect the computer with the payload chosen by the hacker.

In short, cheaters never thrive. If the malware doesn’t understand you, you’ll probably just get banned from the game instead

Players downloading cheats to help them pwn and then get pwn themselves is nothing new. I’ll admit it: I wasted my childhood being a serial cheater and sneaking at my sister Battleship get in or spend myself a few extra $ 100 when acting as a banker in Monopoly. And when I played video games, I also cheated. Never online (I had a dial-up connection in the era of Modern warfare 2), but I definitely downloaded a lot of the patches and mods to try and make games easier or get better loot.

There were definitely times when I paid for it when I shut down the family computer with a nasty virus and spend the rest of the day fixing the computer before my mom got home.

Duty isn’t the only one to have hack-infected hacks: players downloading cheats for Appreciation Fortnite Minecraft, and Roblox all got nasty surprises. It seems that today’s gamers are learning the same lesson I learned: When you cheat, you’re really only cheating yourself.