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Mallala train accident: two people killed after a freight train collided with a Ford 4WD near Adelaide

Two people are dead after a freight train crashed into a Ford 4WD on a level crossing in Adelaide

A man and a woman died after a freight train was rammed into a car on a level crossing on the outskirts of Adelaide.

The horrific incident occurred around 3 p.m. on Thursday when a freight train traveling south to Adelaide collided with a Ford 4WD just south of Mallala.

The driver of the car and their passenger died in a collision.

Major Crash Investigators have attended the scene and are investigating this.

The train traveled from Perth to Melbourne, news.com.au reported.

Anyone who witnesses the incident is urgently requested to contact Crime Stoppers.

The two deaths bring the number of lives lost this year to 19, compared to 17 at the same time last year.

More to come.