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Mall removes ‘women only’ bathroom sign after transgender group complains


Mall removes ‘women only’ bathroom sign after ‘militant’ transgender and nonbinary group complains it puts community ‘in danger’

A mall outraged customers by removing a “women only” sign from outside a women’s restroom after a transgender and nonbinary group complained it puts their community “in danger.”

The sign was placed in the busy Prospect Center in Hull, East Yorkshire, when the men’s toilets were temporarily closed.

It was intended to warn men against using women’s facilities if they fall short.

The sign read, “Hello, these restrooms are for women only,” with the word “only” underlined.

However, the chiefs removed the sign after a complaint from the transgender and non-binary community group, Hull Pledge.

The Prospect Center shopping center in Hull, East Yorkshire, outraged shoppers by removing a ‘women only’ sign (pictured) outside the women’s toilet after a transgender and non-binary group complained.

The group claimed the sign could encourage so-called “restroom surveillance,” where people are questioned about their appearance or sexuality, when they enter men’s, women’s, or disabled bathrooms.

But the move has upset many shoppers.

One woman said: ‘This is just another example of people, companies and organizations panicking at criticism from a very small but very loud and militant community.

“The sign was there to ensure that women using the women’s restrooms would not feel unsafe or uncomfortable by men entering the restroom.

‘However, one person complains as a political point and that safeguard is removed.

‘I respect anyone’s right to be who they want to be. But I think many women will recognize this as another example of women’s rights being undermined in favor of a small community that represents trans and non-binary people.

‘It was one person who complained, but how many other women would feel more comfortable with a sign like that in place?’

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The sign was placed in the busy Prospect Center (pictured) when the men’s restrooms were temporarily closed.

Hull Pledge said: ‘A community member contacted us to express concern about the signage posted near the toilet facilities at Prospect Centre.

“We immediately contacted them to express our concern that this risks encouraging so-called ‘bathroom surveillance,’ which is an act that is increasing in frequency and endangers trans and non-binary people.

‘Today the Prospect Center let us know that they have heard our concerns, and these signs will be removed immediately, which we appreciate.

“We are pleased to see Prospect Center management so willing to listen to the safety concerns of the LGBTQIA+ community and our allies.”

MailOnline has approached the Hull Pledge and the Prospect Center for comment.

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