Malibu motorcyclist struck by flying truck in three-vehicle crash suffered ‘severe’ injuries

After being horribly struck by a truck as he waited at Malibu’s traffic lights, the innocent motorcyclist is raising money to cover medical costs. 

Stephen Levey started a GoFundMe After a car stolen from him crashed into a pickup truck, he nearly died. 

According to his social media pages Levey was an avid motorcyclist and captured the event on video. 

The motorcyclist is now asking for public help to cover the costs of his’severe injuries’ which include a broken right arm, nine broken ribs and an extremely damaged right leg. 

Stephen Levey was the motorcyclist who was killed in the fatal tri-vehicle collision on Pacific Coast Highway, Southern California. He is raising funds to pay his medical bills

The Gofundme  Is Looking To Raise $50,000 To Help Cover The Bills Incurred By The Man'S Injuries And Hospital Stay After The Crash

The GoFundMe  is looking to raise $50,000 to help cover the bills incurred by the man’s injuries and hospital stay after the crash

“I’m pretty much stuck with everything above, and all the financial burden, beyond what my insurance will cover, unfortunately, was transported to another hospital so this has become an even larger problem now financially,” Levey wrote in GoFundMe. 

Levey stated that the Lexus stolen in black was traveling at least twice the speed limit just before the crash. 

He He was then airlifted into the nearest trauma hospital, where doctors stated that it was “apparently very difficult” to determine if the motorcyclist would survive or die.

Levey wrote that “Remarkably, I beat those odds,” in the description of the fundraiser. 

The motorcyclist, who was able to survive the crash, said that he faces years of physical, occupational and mental therapy because of it. 

The therapy will likely ‘attempt’ to help him regain as much use from his broken arm, hand, or foot as possible.  

‘I would just like to say thank you in advance for your generosity, especially in these extremely lean times, it’s hugely appreciated,’ he continued. 

Levey Said In The Gofundme'S Description He Suffered A Shattered Arm, Nine Broken Ribs, And A Damaged Foot In The Crash

Levey claimed in the GoFundMe description that his injuries were severed in the crash, with a broken arm and nine broken ribs.

Footage From The Motorcyclist Shows The Stolen Black Lexus Suv Slamming At Top Speeds Into The Pickup Truck That Had The Right Of Way

Video footage from the motorcyclist shows a stolen Lexus SUV smashing into a pickup truck at high speeds.

The Driver Of The Motorcycle Calmly Waited To Make A Left Turn Off Pch As The Shocking Accident Occurred Before His Eyes

As the horrific accident happened, the driver of the motorcycle waited calmly to turn left off PCH.

The Motorcyclist Said That In Addition To 'Years And Years' Of Therapy Ahead, He Faces A Heavy Financial Burden After Being Airlifted To The Hospital

According to the motorcyclist, in addition to the ‘years and decades’ of therapy ahead, he also faces a significant financial burden after being airlifted from his home to the hospital. 

GoFundMe’s ambitious $50,000 goal has attracted nearly $6,000 in donations as of publication. 

Levey stated, “Thank you again for your generosity. Anything you can do here would be incredible and greatly appreciated.” 

The driver of the 2017 Lexus black stolen vehicle was killed in a crash on the Pacific Coast Highway near Kanan dume Road in Southern California, November 14.

It is possible to see the Lexus zooming into the frame and then clipping a large, gray pickup truck as he moves. Officials with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department have not shared the condition of the driver or any passengers in the vehicle.

After being hit, the truck spins on its side and flies into the motorcyclist.

Fire And Police Officials Responded To The Scene After The Crash. The Stolen Black Lexus Caught Fire After Slamming Into The Pick-Up Truck On The Famous Highway

After the accident, fire and police officers responded quickly to the scene. After smashing into a pick-up truck, the Lexus was set ablaze.

The Crash Left The Driver Of The Stolen Lexus Suv Dead As The Car Slammed Into A 30-Foot Embankment Following Its Impact With The Pickup Truck

The Lexus SUV driver was killed in the crash. After the collision with the pickup truck, the vehicle crashed into a 30-foot embankment.

The Lexus’ driver, who was stolen around an hour before the crash, died in the impact. Authorities did not release the identity of those who died.

According to some reports, the driver was released from rehab just before the crash. He was travelling down an inclines at a high speed and hit around six warning marks in the middle median before colliding into the pickup truck.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, the SUV crashed into a 30-foot high embankment before coming to rest upside down.

As the drivers attempted to be extracted from the SUV by others, the vehicle caught on fire and exploded. The driver was flown to a hospital.

California'S Pacific Coast Highway Remained Closed To Traffic For Nearly Eight Hours As Authorities Inspected The Crash Site

California’s Pacific Coast Highway was closed for almost eight hours while authorities investigated the accident site.

It is not clear if the driver died in the hospital or on the way.

Eight hours after the crash, drivers were diverted away from the PCH and onto side streets in Point Dume. tried to reach the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department regarding an update on the case, but was not able to get a response by the time this article was published.  

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