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Malcolm Turnbull makes a birthday shout # and tells the woman’s father to buy some ‘Louis Vuitton’ for her


Turnbull deposed Abbott as prime minister during a 2015 coup and accused him and his supporters of orchestrating his impeachment three years later. He said the Abbott-led government had been “dangerous.”

“He actually left the cabinet. It was erratic, his whole style of government erratic and flaky. ‘

“From a national security standpoint … at a time when terrorism was our biggest homeland security issue, Abbott was determined to ramp up rhetoric in a way that was calculated to cause hostility to Muslims, right? And that was clearly picked up and repeated by the Murdoch press, who did the same. That made Australia less safe. It was extremely dangerous. ‘

In the book, Turnbull also says that Abbott’s chief of staff, Peta Credlin, was the one who really exercised power and that Abbott worshiped and feared her.

“You were really dealing with Peta and Peta was leading the country and that was clear and dominated Abbott.”

“It was as if she felt,” I made you, you are my creation, “and she felt she owned it. It was a really bizarre relationship.

“Credlin and Abbott destroyed their own government for their own follies and then set out to destroy mine.”


Turnbull says he assisted in the second managerial lead led by Peter Dutton so Scott Morrison could win instead.

“Morrison and I are different men, we have different values ​​in some ways, but while we had differences as prime minister and treasurer, we are old friends, we have worked closely together, I know him very well – he has his limitations as we all have , it is not perfect. But he’s by far a much safer pair than Peter Dutton and I’ve always considered him my most likely successor. ‘

Turnbull said Morrison had told him that he had supported him the week before his demise, but he believes he strengthened his own position to become a leader.

The bottom line is Scott, you know – when Abbott was defeated, Scott publicly said he supported Abbott, but tried to get the numbers to vote for me. You know, that’s his MO, right? I know Scott very well and he is a lifelong political operator and he is a control freak. ‘


“It was such an absurd statement … I didn’t think he was so misguided that he imagined our political prospects would be promoted by a change of leadership, especially to him,” he said.

“And honestly, it never occurred to me that so many people would support him. Had Dutton become leader, not even Bill Shorten (former Labor leader) could have lost the election. ‘

“What was important to me was to make sure Dutton didn’t become prime minister.”


“ In a conversation I had with (Rupert) Murdoch, (he) acknowledges that one of his most senior executives was part of the Abbott plan to overthrow the government with the aim of sending us into the opposition so that Abbott returns could come as a leader after the election and bring the party back to victory in 2022.

“Now, just describe it as getting out of hand, right? But that was Abbott’s agenda, and as Rupert acknowledged to me, it had the support of one of its most senior and most influential editors, and I think it went well beyond that.

“These were people who were foreign companies controlled by foreigners who conspired to overthrow Australia’s prime minister.”


Turnbull admits that he fell into a deep depression after the Utegate scandal in 2009, when he made false allegations of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his government’s deal with a car dealer based on evidence from the treasury Godwin Grech.

“I started to sink into a very deep depression. It was very deep and very dangerous.

“I felt these thoughts of death, of self-destruction, unwanted and unwanted coming into my mind. And I couldn’t get them out of my mind and I got sicker and sicker and sicker. It was a terrible time. ‘